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Digital Enrollment Solutions

As an HR Director, you already have your hands full. And yet, open enrollment season is just around the corner.

Not to fear. MWE’s Digital Enrollment Solution is here!

Virtual fairs are good. Zoom calls are better. But nothing compares to our full-service digital solution!

Although some offices across the United States are reopening or making plans to reopen, business owners, HR Directors, and employees alike can all benefit from the safety, convenience and value of The MWE Partnership’s Digital Enrollment Solution. 

At the heart of our digital solution is the platform on which its built.

  • Fully customizable enrollment platform and branded web portal.
  • Consolidates all employee data and elections into one place.

Remove all of the back and forth calendar emails with our online scheduling tools.

  • Allows employees to pick the date and time of their one-on-one benefits consultation.
  • Employees can invite spouses and parents to be a part of their benefits conversation.

Stop relying on one-hit wonder phone calls to get important messages out.

  • Our multi-approach communication campaign allows for coordinated text, email, and voice messages to all employees simultaneously.
  • Our technology allows employees to sign enrollment forms via a traditional method or recorded calls.

Is open enrollment approaching quickly?

  • Our enrollment architects have the ability to build your platform and campaign within 5 business days!

Our Digital Enrollment Solution comes with an entire suite of effective communication tools to engage and educate your employees during Open Enrollment. Everyone benefits when you have The MWE Partnership on your side. Contact us to schedule a demo.

When is our Digital Enrollment Solution the right solution? 

  • If you are still conducting Open Enrollment with paper forms and applications.
  • If you have a lot of employees working from home or the road.
  • If you would like a more personalized approach to Open Enrollment.
  • If you want to “clean up” your employee data.
  • If your employee data is scattered, disorganized or not in one place for all carriers.
  • If it is hard to schedule employees for Benefits Webinars.
  • If you need new tools to effectively communicate with your employees.

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