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Individual Products

The MWE Partnership has a robust and diverse catalog of individual insurance products available to businesses of any size, including those with fewer than 100 employees. Our voluntary benefits packages are guaranteed-renewable and, in some cases, guaranteed-issued. Our individual voluntary insurance products are fully portable so that employees can take their benefits with them throughout every stage of their career. We pride ourselves on our consistency in plans, rates, and benefits and our optional rider packages. If your business has more than 100 employees and you would like to benefit from more competitive rates when offering voluntary benefits to your employees, The MWE Partnership also offers group insurance products. Each employee who enrolls in individual voluntary insurance will get to experience The MWE Difference and see the convenience and affordability of great benefits.

The MWE Partnership offers a comprehensive range of individual insurance products.

Many individuals face brief periods of disability, and short-term disability insurance covers those periods. Depending on your coverage, you could receive benefits for a few weeks or a few months. Short-term disability insurance is very affordable and can be paired with long-term disability insurance to protect you and your family against any unfortunate surprises.
One in four workers will face a span of long-term disability at some point during their career. Long-term disability products protect you and your family once short-term disability insurance ends. Long-term disability insurance can meet your needs for months or years until you are able to return to work again.
Accident insurance is a complement to your short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, and comprehensive health insurance. Accident insurance supplements both types of insurance and can provide an additional safety net if an accident occurs. Accidents are sudden and financially traumatic. An investment in accident insurance protects you and your family against additional financial trauma.
62% of all personal bankruptcies in the United States every year are as the result of a critical illness. Out of those bankruptcies, 78% of those filing for bankruptcy due to critical illness had comprehensive health insurance. Critical illness insurance protects your family financially in the event of a major health event, like a stroke or renal failure. A little bit of planning and an investment in critical illness insurance could save your family from catastrophe.
A hospital stay, even one that is brief, can leave you with potentially devastating hospital bills. With or without additional medical insurance, hospital bills can be an enormous financial burden. Hospital confinement indemnity insurance offsets the cost of hospital bills and allows you to recover without additional stress.

The MWE Partnership works with trustworthy and reliable life insurance providers to offer whole, term, and universal life insurance products.


Whole life insurance provides you with stable rates for your entire life and a potential return on the cash value within your policy.

Permanent Life with Long-Term Care

A versatile policy that provides lifelong life insurance protection along with the option to use the death benefit to pay for long-term care costs if ever needed.


Term life insurance grants you the greatest amount of coverage possible for the most affordable price. Term life insurance provides you protection for a period of time (10, 15, 20, or 30 years), chosen by you, to meet your needs.


Universal life insurance combines the peace of mind you need with the flexibility that you want. Just like whole life insurance, universal life insurance will last your entire life and potentially accumulate cash value. Unlike whole life insurance, universal life insurance allows for the adjustment of premiums and coverage amounts.

Cancer and specified disease voluntary insurance products offer employees additional coverage in the event of a devastating illness. While comprehensive health insurance offers a set amount of assistance with cancer and medical bills, it will not cover the cost of your non-medical expenses. Specified disease insurance can cover over 20 additional illnesses include multiple sclerosis, polio, and smallpox.
Vision insurance is a very affordable and practical individual voluntary insurance benefit. Vision insurance is a must for those with eye care expenses and those who are particularly at risk for eye issues, including those with Diabetes and those with a family history of eye problems.
Voluntary dental insurance affords you a tremendous deal of freedom when selecting a participating dental provider and reduces the cost of treatment. Whether you need preventative dental care or more intensive dental solutions like braces or a dental implant, dental insurance can bridge the gap between the treatment you can afford and the treatment you need for a healthy smile.
Long-term care insurance guards you and your assets in the event that you need to be admitted to a long-term care facility, like a nursing home or assisted living facility. Long-term care planning is important at any stage of your career, especially if you have a growing family.
Your four-legged friends are one of the most important parts of your household, and pet insurance protects you and them against the costly consequences of vet care as a result of an illness or injury. Pet insurance gives your pet the best healthcare possible and you the means to afford it.
Legal insurance offsets the cost of working with a skilled lawyer for your legal issues, much like vision insurance offsets the cost of receiving an eye exam from an ophthalmologist. Legal insurance can guard you against the financial strain that ongoing or surprise legal issues can cause.
Living and working in the modern world means living and working around potential identity thieves every day online. Identity theft protection insurance provides you with security against identity theft and the cost of repairing your credit history in the event that your identity is stolen. Identity theft protection insurance is a must for everyone to protect against the major credit losses you could spend years recovering from otherwise.

Individual Voluntary Insurance Products from The MWE Partnership

The MWE Partnership is a dynamic, experienced voluntary benefit agency with comprehensive insurance solutions to meet the needs of your business. We want to help you attract and retain quality employees with diverse supplementary insurance and voluntary insurance benefit packages. We work with businesses throughout the country as an enhanced benefits insurance broker, but also work with our surrounding communities in Hunt Valley, Glen Burnie, Towson, Hanover, and Rockville. To build our partnership today and learn more about our consultative solutions, please contact us.

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