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3 Important Steps For Effective Voluntary Benefits Communication

Here are the basic steps you, as an employer, should take to communicate the voluntary benefits you offer to your employees.

In any given day, have you stopped to think how many emails your employees get in a day? What about phone calls? While the information will vary from employee to employee, the reality remains that the numbers are high. With all that clutter for employees to get through on a daily basis, how can you make sure that your employees know about the voluntary benefits you provide them? This is where effective communication comes into play. Incorporating some important steps into your company protocol can end up being the best way to get employees to pay attention to the variety of voluntary benefits you are providing to them. Here are the basic steps you, as an employer, should take to communicate the voluntary benefits you offer to your employees.

Provide An Emotional And Tailored Message

One of the most commonly cited reasons for enrolling in voluntary benefits includes emotional ones. Many employees admit to valuing the importance of having peace of mind as being the most common reason for enrolling in a voluntary benefits program.

Multi-Channel Communication

When it comes to employees, sometimes repeating yourself is necessary. Delivering your voluntary benefits reminders and offerings via a wide array of communication channels can ultimately be the best way to get most of the employees on board. Employee engagement, satisfaction, and voluntary benefits will all need to be communicated effectively to all employees. As a result, delivering these messages via different channels is often the best way to get the word across to all your employees.

Face-To-Face Interaction

Don’t be afraid to interact with your employees. Face-to-face interaction at the time of enrollment is a terrific way to get your employee on board with voluntary benefits. Most employees who end up receiving even slight face-to-face interaction with their employer about the voluntary benefits provided to the employee are more likely to be interested and sign up for these voluntary benefits, compared to those who don’t receive that same type of communication.

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