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What Are Voluntary Benefits?

voluntary benefits

Employers could really stand to have voluntary benefits offered to all employees!

First things first, any business can offer voluntary benefits to their employees at no direct cost to the employer. You don’t even need to be a massive organization to provide voluntary or supplemental benefits to employees. Here is everything that you would need to know about how voluntary or supplemental benefits can help your employees and your business.

What Exactly Are Voluntary Benefits?

Also known as supplemental insurance, voluntary benefits are offered by the employer through the workplace where employees can opt in and purchase them in addition to the core employee benefits that traditionally appear in a benefits package. Payment options for voluntary benefits are typically very flexible. In fact, depending on the employer’s budget, companies can choose whether the voluntary benefits they offer are fully employee-funded or part-funded by both employer and employee.

What Voluntary Benefits Are Actually Available?

There is a massive range of voluntary benefits that can be made available for your business. From dental insurance to accident insurance, there are a lot of supplemental insurance plans that can provide some much-needed assistance to all your employees.

  • Dental Insurance: Dental insurance can provide immense benefits for your employees. In fact, most dental insurance plans offer coverage for both routine and more expensive dental procedures. As a result, allowing employees to not worry over financing any dental procedures can come as quite the relief for many who lack any dental coverage through their health insurance programs.
  • Accident Insurance: Accident insurance plans can really be a savior for many employees. In fact, undergoing any accidental injury will require a lot of medical expenses. Accident insurance plans can easily be a way for employees to offset the exorbitant costs associated with regular medical visits related to a severe injury. As a result, accident insurance can cover some of the expenses connected with ambulance rides, initial care, surgery, and any additional follow-up care.
  • Disability Insurance: Disability insurance is an excellent tool for employees to use when they need it most. In fact, when an employee is disabled, preventing them from being able to collect their full paycheck, their overall lifestyle suffers. Instead, with disability insurance, employees can still receive a certain percentage of their whole paycheck, allowing them to be in a better position than they would be otherwise.

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