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4 All-Too-Common Misconceptions About Disability Insurance

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Never underestimate how important disability insurance is.

Never underestimate how important disability insurance is. Whether it is for the short term or the long term, both programs can make an enormous difference in keeping your team’s morale high. That’s because robust insurance packages prove to your workers that their well-being is your number priority. All employers should remember that their employees need to be praised, rewarded, and given time off whenever needed. Unfortunately, there are some enduring myths about disability insurances and the nature of disabilities themselves. 

Number One: It’ll Never Affect Me 

Life is uncertain. That simple fact alone can be quite alarming. Even so, you don’t need to go throughout your day worrying about everything that could potentially harm you. Otherwise, you would miss out on so many of life’s opportunities for positive experiences. This reality impacts your work-related life more than you might think. What does this all mean? Something injurious could happen, so it’s smarter to get some disability insurance. 

Number Two: I Can Still Get My Job Done 

Another mistaken belief is the idea that you can still work at your regular pace when you’re disabled. Several factors impact how feasible this notion is. What do you do? Where is your job located? How does your current disability affect your health and fitness?     

Number Three: I Can Get By Financially 

Even if there were no pandemic concerns present, financial stability could be a source of stress. This struggle can lead to friction in your home life and hamper your ability to generate income. Workers’ compensation, government-provided benefits, and individual assets can help. Still, they’re not a sustainable way to keep up with your bills and expenses. Many families rely on double or even triple incomes to get by. Without that backstop, your financial problems can quickly become dire. That’s one of the most compelling reasons to procure a disability insurance program. 

Number Four: I’m Not Eligible for It 

Personal disability insurance represents another benefit that you should pursue with little hesitation. , For many people, the thought that they cannot “qualify” for such coverage holds them back from taking practical action. Denials are still possible, of course, but on the whole, disability insurance is much easier to get than expected. Exclusions, limitations, and higher premiums could present a stumbling block, but don’t let that discourage you!

Another Customer Testimonial  

Dina M. Coup, who works at Metro Test & Balance, Inc., was grateful for the services we rendered: “This letter is to express our great satisfaction with the work Drew Skibitsky has done for Metro Test & Balance in regard to our voluntary benefits. We have worked with Drew for the past 8 years. In that time, Drew has consistently proven to be reliable, responsible, and present to take care of our employees when they need help most.” Excellent work, Drew! 

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