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5 More Employee Benefits You Can Implement Right Away

5 More Employee Benefits You Can Implement Right Away

Here are some more employee benefits you can use to improve team morale and assure your team that you have their best interests at heart.

Your employees need to know that you are willing to look out for them. After all, they represent the most important asset your company will have. Even though clients and customers may come and go, your workers can form an unbreakable bond that will boost your business’s productivity and reputation for sterling customer service. Here are some more employee benefits you can use to improve team morale and assure your team that you have their best interests at heart. 

Ample Vacation Time and Guaranteed Sick Leave 

Right now, going on vacation may not seem as easy to plan out as it was before the pandemic hit. That said, promising your employees plenty of vacation time is a perk that can help you attract top-flight talent and keep them in the long run. Guaranteed sick leave is also crucial, even for short-term illnesses that can take your employees out of commission for a week or so. The paid time off that all employees can access can be considered as one lump of time or can be split between vacation days, sick days, and personal days, all of which are necessary.  

Paid Holidays as Accepted Days Off 

Everyone needs a few days off throughout the year. Weekends can be just as busy as the workweek, and downtime is valuable for avoiding burnout. Two common paid holidays are Memorial Day and Labor Day – the two bookends of what we consider to be the “summer season.” Many other common holidays could be considered workdays, but it is left up to the employer within the private sector – government workers, civil servants, and teachers tend to get more days off than the average office employee. 

Medical Leave That is Paid For

Employee benefits can sweeten the pot when it comes to contract negotiation time; they can also convince your current employees to stay on instead of seeking other opportunities elsewhere. Given the financial hardships associated with healthcare in this day and age, medical leave is one of the most important benefits you can offer. The Family Medical Leave Act mandates that you offer medical leave commensurate to the number of employees you have – that is, if you have 50 or more full-timers.  

Increased Schedule Flexibility

This year, we’ve seen the impact that teleworking and working remotely has had on typical commute times and daily routines of going to the office in the morning and going home at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this arrangement doesn’t leave as much time for other essential elements of day-to-day life such as appointments and childcare. Increased schedule flexibility, especially for employees who can work offsite, is a big deal. 

Help with Educational Endeavors 

Most of the time, your current employees already have a degree. Even if your company has entry-level positions, having your team members continue their education can be mutually beneficial. However, affording these classes and courses can be a financial burden, which is why offering to pay for certifications relevant to your field or industry can be immensely helpful.

Another Customer Testimonial 

This week, we have another satisfied customer to tell you about! Kim Ramsey of Maryland Care Management Inc. needed help with an insurance claim. She went on to say that Dale, Erika, and Lori “provided assistance to me personally when I needed them” and that she received nearly-immediate results. Dale followed up as he typically did, and Kim would recommend MWE to a friend or business partner.  

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