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Can You Obtain More Than One Life Insurance Plan: Part 2

mwe partnership obtain more than one life insurance plan

This blog discusses if it’s possible for you to obtain more than one life insurance plan.

Over time, your financial goals and needs might likely change. That is why your life insurance coverage also needs to change, increasing your responsibilities and assets. Having several life insurance plans is more prevalent than you may think. Let’s further discuss if it’s possible for you to obtain more than one life insurance plan.

Is It Possible for You to Have Several Life Insurance Plans?

Yes. In fact, you can obtain more than four-term policies. The insurers don’t care how many policies you have or their type as long as your overall death benefit doesn’t exceed. However, can an individual have multiple life insurance plans of various types? Of course. Assuming you’re staying below the applicable death benefit limit, you can pair a term life insurance plan and an entire one.

Can You Have Many Policies with Several Insurance Companies?

Whether you have group life insurance through your employer or since infancy, you may wonder if you’re stuck with the company underwriting your first life insurance plan. While you can stay with them, you may also look for options with other insurers. You can obtain more than one life insurance plan with multiple various companies.

The trick here is managing each policy. Particularly, you want to be on time about paying the premiums for each policy. If you miss a payment, that plan can pause, leaving your loved ones without coverage. In addition, managing several policies with several companies may be more work, but it helps you find the best life insurance provider for your needs right now.

Is it Worth Having Multiple Life Insurance?

Even though it’s legal to obtain more than one life insurance plan, does it make sense to have multiple of them? The answer here depends on your unique financial situation. But it’s worth looking over your finances and asking yourself, “Do I need several life insurance policies?” Additionally, you can take out several life insurance plans to cover specific financial obligations. You can also combine various types of life insurance. For instance, you can get a term policy that will expire once you’re done paying off your mortgage with a whole plan to cover your funeral expenses.

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