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Everything You Wanted To Know About Critical Illness Insurance

Everything You Wanted To Know About Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a voluntary benefit that many employees can benefit from whenever they need to.

Often, when people hear the word insurance, critical illness is the last thing on their minds. In fact, car insurance and health insurance are usually the first things that pop into people’s head. However, critical illness insurance is a voluntary benefit that many employees can benefit from whenever they need to. Here is everything you wanted to know about critical illness insurance and why you should offer it to your employees.

What Exactly Counts As A Critical Illness?

When it comes to knowing what types of illnesses are considered critical, it can get a little confusing. In fact, many employees are unaware that certain illnesses they or their family members face actually qualify for the critical level that would allow them to take advantage of a critical illness insurance benefit. Serious conditions like cancer, heart attack, and stroke are obvious critical illnesses. But others, such as blindness, multiple sclerosis, and kidney failure also rise to the critical illness level. As a result, having insurance to cover the costs of care for these illnesses can really help your employees get by.

Critical Illness Insurance Versus Disability Insurance

Many employees will often wonder about the differences associated with critical illness insurance and disability insurance, never knowing which one to choose to use for themselves in a specific situation. In fact, it’s normal to be confused when the two are quite similar. However, they do differ, For one thing, critical illness insurance is simply meant to protect you when you are ill and provide a source of income to cover the medical costs associated with your illness. However, disability insurance only pays a portion of your income when you are disabled and cannot come into work. The costs aren’t the only differences; the qualifications vary as well. For critical illness insurance, if you have a policy-listed illness, then you would qualify for the benefit. But, when it comes to qualifying for disability insurance, the reliance is on your inability to work, which ultimately varies from person to person.

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