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A Great And Simple Guide To Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits can be an attractive option for your employees.

You can easily offer voluntary benefits to all your employees at absolutely no direct cost to you- the employer. In fact, contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need to be a big corporation to offer these incredible benefits to those who work for you. While some plans require an employer to have a minimum number of employees to offer specific plans, some have zero minimum requirement. As a result, it’s important for all employers to know what options are out there in terms of supplemental and voluntary benefits. Here is everything that you really need to know about voluntary benefits.

What Exactly Are Voluntary Benefits?

Often called supplemental insurance, voluntary benefits are offered by an employer through the workplace where employees can choose to buy them in addition to the core employee benefits they may get as part of a benefits package. With payment options being flexible, there are a lot of plans that can fit anyone’s budget.


What Type Of Voluntary Benefits Are Available?

There is a massive range of voluntary benefits out there for employers and employees alike to choose from. In fact, some examples include disability insurance, pet insurance, critical illness insurance, and life insurance. With so many options, it can often be difficult for employers to determine which plans are best for them to offer.


Types Of Voluntary Health Insurance

Some of the more notable voluntary benefits include both vision and dental plans. These are often a big priority for employees when looking at potential employers. In fact, those with competitive voluntary benefit packages get to retain top talent and attract the best talent on the market. From routine to more expensive procedures, both dental and vision plans are an integral part of any employer’s voluntary benefits package.


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