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The Growth Of Voluntary Benefits Among Employees

The Growth Of Voluntary Benefits Among Employees

Voluntary benefits continue to remain a popular choice among employees across all working sectors.

Voluntary benefits continue to remain a popular choice among employees across all working sectors. In fact, as a way to protect their income while simultaneously maintaining their overall health, employees are turning to voluntary and supplemental benefits — given to them by their employers. While growth is occurring more prevalently in the expected categories like dental and life insurance, other benefits are gaining momentum and steam as well. From pet insurance to long-term care insurance, there are a variety of products and benefits that employees are now looking for to ensure they can withstand any emergency they may experience without feeling a significant effect to their overall financial situation. 

Expand Your Current Offering Of Voluntary And Supplemental Benefits

The future of voluntary and supplemental benefits is ever-changing. While medical benefits like dental, vision and critical illness insurance still are the most commonly looked for — now, less popular types are finding their way into the mainstream as well.

Breaking Down All The Categories

For the most part, voluntary benefits will fall into one of two distinct categories: traditional and non-traditional. The best way to understand the difference is first to establish what it means to be a traditional benefit. Typically, traditional benefits support health and wellness; these are your life insurance, disability, long-term care, and critical illness voluntary benefits. Non-traditional benefits, however, are those that comprise convenience products — things like home insurance, pet insurance, and auto insurance. Ideally, employees will be able to choose these programs and services because they are the ones that best resonate with different populations among your workforce.

Employees Care About Their Health

One thing is certain. Employees are taking a more proactive approach to their health — and hoping they can glean some voluntary and supplemental benefits from their employers as a result. It’s no surprise that employees are seeking health insurance from employers. However, they are also looking to their employers to provide them with a variety of voluntary and supplemental benefits to choose from to assistant with their health coverage — these are benefits like life, critical illness, and disability insurance.

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