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Health and Wellness: What’s the Actual Distinction?

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What is the difference between health and wellness?

Most of us are familiar with human resources, which involves recruiting and onboarding potential employees. But there’s another part to it that hinges on taking care of the employees you have. So, health and wellness in the workplace are highly essential, and wellness programs are prevalently known as a critical component of most employee benefits packages. However, there is one significant question – what is the difference between health and wellness?

The Difference Between Both

According to the World Health Organization, health encapsulates physical, mental, and social well-being. Similarly, wellness is used along with health, but it involves a different concept. In this case, wellness associates with “making better choices” when seeking change and growth, thus becoming healthier than we were before. So, you can become healthy by practicing wellness.

Why Health and Wellness Matter So Much

Common genetic health conditions demonstrate that many aspects of our lives are not under our control – particularly when it comes to our bodies. Such medical conditions include high blood pressure and high cholesterol, along with diabetes and heart disease, all of which may be tragic. However, wellness is possible. Completing lifestyle changes such as the following should not be mocked or stigmatized:

  • Quitting harmful habits such as drinking and smoking
  • Taking the medications you need
  • Even seeing a therapist when you don’t feel mentally well

Accomplishing perfect health is impossible, but minimizing healthcare costs (coverage under insurance or not) is wholly reasonable.

Prioritizing Wellness and Health

Moreover, employers should pay attention to educating their employees about how to lead healthier, happy lives. Minor changes like exercising more, cutting back on soda and junk food, sleeping better, and balancing a diet will help in health and wellness. Proactively ensuring your workers are cared for goes beyond enrolling for insurance through online portals or perks like on-site workout equipment. Fortunately, your employees won’t need to use as much sick time when they are healthier. Overall, this increases your company’s bottom line, mainly when healthcare costs will stabilize consequently.

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