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Here’s How to Gauge Your Team’s Opinions About Their Benefits

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Offering a comprehensive benefits package is essential.

Offering a comprehensive benefits package is essential. Without one in place, top-tier talent may be more inclined to look somewhere else for employment. Finding the best candidates can be a tricky and drawn-out process. Stand out from the crowd of businesses all looking to improve their employees’ workplace quality-of-life. Here is a helpful guide for determining how your current team members view the perks you’ve given them. 

Set Your Initial Goals 

Outline the goals of the survey. Which benefits would you like to focus on? By the same token, what issues do you need to address? Then you’ll need to decide why you are seeking feedback in the first place – how will you use the feedback and implement crucial improvements? Casual in-person conversations (or via online platforms such as Zoom) can yield results. Alternatively, you could arrange a pulse survey that includes several questions in a quick email. In any case, choose the best approach you feel is best for your business and the workplace culture you’ve cultivated. Perhaps a formal survey utilizing an online portal or tool could be the solution that you prefer. 

Appoint a Project Coordinator 

The next step is to appoint a project coordinator. Ensure that at least one team member (other than its leader) receives this responsibility. Otherwise, there might be a lengthy delay before the survey gets underway. Approaching the project this way facilitates question-writing, survey-time, response-collection, and other associated tasks.

Embrace Specificity, Avoid Vagueness 

Surveys can help you determine overall team morale. By pinpointing what satisfies them and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to serve them better. Strive to avoid vagueness because the human tendency to parse responses could be another bump in the road. Compose short, benefits-related surveys. Keep it brief, as too many words can confuse your employees. As always, some minor edits, adjustments, and revisions could be needed along the way.  

Explain Why the Survey Matters 

Lastly, take the time to tell everyone why the survey is so important. Informing everybody of the reasons why the questions are being asked and how you plan to use the responses you get is vital for ensuring honest answers. Before you share results, ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality. 

A Customer Testimonial 

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