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How Can a Benefits Consultant Help You?

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Let’s talk about how a benefits consultant can serve you.

Health insurance and retirement planning are two services that are essential to keeping your employees happy. Your workforce shouldn’t just feel like a loose collection of colleagues; you should be able to think of them as a tight-knit family as well. Showing your employees that you care about their well-being is a fantastic way to recruit talented workers who have a great deal of untapped potential. So with that in mind, let’s talk about how a benefits consultant can serve you.

What Are They Supposed to Do? 

Let’s begin by discussing the purpose of a benefits consultant’s job. For one thing, they are highly knowledgeable in delivering ways for companies and their workers to save time and money. These two resources are two of the most precious in any economy or society at large. Plus, they ensure that employers are giving their employees the chance to take advantage of the most appealing set of voluntary benefits that they can. In the end, it all comes down to two functions: choosing the actual benefits and then deploying them.

Designing Tailored Benefits Packages 

One way a benefits consultant can pay dividends is by designing benefits packages tailored to each member of your organization. Since they keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry to which you belong, they’ll be able to advise you on what your competitors are offering in terms of compensation. Likewise, they’ll conduct the necessary research to see which types of benefits, supplemental or otherwise, are trending. Although a business can generate in-house surveys of the types of benefits that their employees desire, consultants can also get this project up and running for you.

Overseeing How the Benefits are Distributed 

Different packages will have different costs involved. Unfortunately, this means that dispersing the benefits can become more complicated than you initially thought. Consultants know how to calculate the costs associated with renewing an existing plan. Moreover, they’ll be able to predict how impactful any potential changes will be. Decreasing costs concerning health insurance policies will likely contribute to smaller deductibles, which is less of a financial burden on your employees. Sensitive workplace-related issues are also bound to come up; benefits consultants can advise how to deal with situations revolving around sexual harassment and discrimination. 

A Customer Testimonial 

Brad Krauss from the Diversified Protection Corporation needed our help as well. His insurance claims process wouldn’t have been so smooth without our assistance: “William Fedo has excellent communication skills, he guided me the entire way for a recent claim with Aflac. He provided step by step instructions on exactly how to submit my claim and followed up quickly to ensure that I had no issues in submitting my claim. I was worried the process would be drawn out, or take forever, but William made it easy.” Kudos to you, Will! 

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