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Is Life Insurance Worth It Once I Retire?

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You can still purchase a life insurance plan while you’re in retirement.

One important thing to know about life insurance is that it doesn’t mean that you are financially protected once you’re retired. You were probably required to retire early, and there may be a need to cover final expenses or other scenarios that are possibly applicable. You need life insurance if you owe someone, love someone, or have a dependent. Being retired or old doesn’t necessarily make those circumstances go away.

Should I Replace the Same Amount of Life Insurance as I Did Before?

If you purchased life insurance to replenish income and have already increased your investments, you probably don’t need the same amount of life insurance coverage as before. Also, if you raised your assets over the years, there might be some state or federal inheritance tax that will have to be paid off upon your death. In addition, there are other payments such as probate costs, administration costs, a final debt, or a mortgage on a house. As long as there is some financial exposure, it would help if you had insurance to complement that.  

Can I still Purchase a Policy in Retirement?

Of course. You can still purchase a life insurance plan while you’re in retirement. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you are uninsurable. Another reason to have insurance coverage is if a person has taken 100% pay-out on their pension without survivorship provision. No cash gets paid out to the surviving spouse if that person dies. Nor is it unusual to know that someone remarries and forgets to change the pension beneficiary. Life insurance can make sure that the spouse is well-taken.

What Else Is There to Know About Being Insured in Retirement?

Furthermore, most people don’t discuss the living benefits of life insurance. For instance, you no longer need the death benefit, but you have a terminal illness and may not have sufficient money to pay for the medical expenses. The accelerated death benefit provision signifies that you can visit the insurance company and remove cash from the policy to engage the costs of your illness and avoid bankruptcy.  

Additionally, a permanent life insurance policy is ideal for putting money aside that provides you a better rate of return than putting your cash safely in a deposit box. It’s another way of having some safe money invested at no risk for when you need it.

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