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Let The MWE Partnership Help Your Business Get The Benefits You Need


Let The MWE Partnership help your business give employees the benefits that they deserve.

The MWE Partnership is on a mission to help connect your company with the incredible benefits that you and your employees need the most. In fact, with over 17 years of experience, The MWE Partnership has the knowledge and expertise to get your company competitive voluntary benefits no matter the size of your business. Through our continued growth as a national insurance broker, we have proven our commitment to meeting the comprehensive needs of business owners and employees alike. The MWE Partnership works hand-in-hand with national insurance companies to provide compelling and reliable benefit packages the continuously satisfy the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. The MWE Partnership is fortunate enough to have excellent relationships with a variety of insurance carriers such as Aflac, Unum, TransAmerica, Allied Health, The Hartford, Amalgamated Life, and Baltimore Life.

Group Products

The MWE Partnership has a robust and varied catalog of group insurance products. Our voluntary benefits packages are guaranteed-issue and can be customized for your business. We pride ourselves on our consistency in plans, rates, and benefits. In fact, if your company doesn’t qualify for any of our group voluntary insurance products, we also offer individual products to choose from. As a result, regardless of your supplemental insurance selections, you and your employees will be able to experience The MWE Difference and see the convenience and affordability a voluntary benefit agency can bring to your business.

  • Short-Term Disability: Our short-term disability insurance typically covers the first brief period in which an employee is unable to work. It could be a few weeks, or a few months, regardless of the time, short-term disability insurance will cover the initial period of missed work. Short-term disability insurance is quite often a more affordable voluntary insurance offering that doesn’t overlap with any long-term disability coverage. In fact, short-term disability insurance policies are often through employers. Therefore most qualified employees are seeking this benefit.
  • Long-Term Disability: For the most part, long-term disability insurance is a must for your employees. In fact, considering almost one in four employees will need to rely on long-term disability insurance at some point in their lives, providing this voluntary benefit to all employees is a surefire way to provide your employees with the supplemental benefits that they ultimately need. The way it works, long-term disability will kick in once the short-term disability insurance ends. In the end, long-term disability insurance easily protects all your employees for months or even years after they are initially unable to work.
  • Accident: Accident insurance is often seen as somewhat of a complement to the short-term and long-term disability insurance as well as health insurance. In fact, many employees who suffer any sort of accident will suffer tremendous financial stress. Having accident insurance is a good way of avoiding the sudden anxiety that results from an accident. Allowing all of your employees to protect themselves and their families from any terrible accidents is something that many employees would be eager to obtain.
  • Critical Illness: A saddening sixty-two percent (62%) of all bankruptcies occur because of a critical illness. In fact, seventy-eight percent (78%) of those were on behalf of individuals who indeed had comprehensive health insurance. As a result, needing critical illness insurance can be necessary for some employees looking to have a safety net for emergency situations. Critical illness insurance guards your staff against disaster. Also, critical illness insurance is able to cover a lot more than traditional comprehensive medical insurance policies will cover. From covering daily living expenses to home health care, critical illness insurance should always be part of any businesses supplemental insurance package.
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity: Hospital confinement indemnity insurance helps to protect your employees from the financial strain associated with a hospital stay. With or without comprehensive health insurance, hospital confinement indemnity insurance can provide protection to your employees as well as their families from potentially devastating hospital stay bills.
  • Life Insurance: We offer a variety of life insurance policies, from whole to universal to term, there are slight differences among the various options. Choosing the one that best fits your employees’ lives is easier than ever. The MWE Partnership works with reliable and time-tested life insurance providers to offer your employees diverse and customizable life insurance plans.
  • Dental Insurance: With voluntary dental insurance, your employees receive an incredible supplemental benefit. In fact, since many medical insurance plans seldom offer dental insurance. As a result, providing voluntary dental insurance to all your employees can quickly alleviate some of the stress associated with the high cost of dental procedures. In the end, preventative care is always the first step toward avoiding any future dental procedures and alleviating those pesky dental bills from coming up.
  • Long-Term Care: Long-term care insurance helps to guard your employees and all of their assets if they need to be placed in a long-term care facility. Providing a supplemental insurance policy that could quickly benefit your employees from losing all of their valuable assets can be a life-saver.
  • Pet Insurance: For most people, their pets are treated just like their children. In fact, having pet insurance can really be a money saver. Offering pet insurance as an option for your employees can actually provide them with the assurance they need that their pets will be protected if they ever need surgery or medications as they age.

Enrollment Solutions

The MWE Partnership understands that voluntary benefits are essential to your business and your employees. In fact, it can be quite burdensome for employers to offer a comprehensive voluntary benefits package because of worry or fear surrounding who will be responsible for overseeing all the paperwork involved. As a result, The MWE Partnership is here to alleviate all the stress from your company and offers to manage the more complicated process for you. At The MWE Partnership, our mission is to help businesses, both large and small, strategize, implement, and service the entire voluntary benefits package process. Our voluntary benefits package process is virtually turn-key. In the end, your company can seamlessly integrate new voluntary benefits programs with your current human resources department.

As your go-to voluntary benefits partner, we strive to not only improve the lives of your employees but help employers actually implement these incredible solutions with ease.

The MWE Difference

From in-person consultations to online consultations, The MWE Partnership offers a hands-on approach towards providing impeccable service for any questions or concerns you may have. In fact, our enrollment solutions are designed to be versatile and work with all types of companies. As a result, we offer a wide array of consultations with our skilled benefits counselors to better meet the needs of your employees.

Get Your Supplemental Insurance Plan With The MWE Partnership!

Are you a business looking to provide your employees with essential supplemental benefits? If so, look no further than The MWE Partnership. With The MWE Partnership, you get experienced service and comprehensive voluntary benefit options that will meet the needs of all your employees. With over 17 years of experience, The MWE Partnerships is your one-stop shop for all your supplemental benefit needs. If you are interested in finding out how The MWE Partnership can help your business, contact us today! Also, be sure to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + for all the latest voluntary benefit news!


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