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Some More Good Advice for Choosing an Insurance Broker

Some More Good Advice for Choosing an Insurance Broker

Choosing a new insurance broker is never an easy process.

Choosing a new insurance broker is never an easy process. However, at some point, it may become a pressing need. Suppose you are consistently faced with poor customer service, a frustrating claims process, and vague answers to your questions. In that case, those signs are red flags that you should consider finding a different provider to help you out with your insurance needs. Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about that dilemma coming up when you work with the team here at MWE Partnership!

The Value of Claims Expertise 

As we hinted at above, the value of claims expertise cannot be overstated. Dealing with claims is the bread-and-butter of any insurance company worth their salt – and your business! So, with that in mind, be sure to ask about the claims services the brokerage offers you. Is there an in-house team equipped to get your needs settled? Learning more about their past results can give you a solid indicator of future outcomes. 

How They Handle Customer Service 

Likewise, take a long hard look at how they handle customer service. Account executives take over once the insurance policy is ready to go. Endorsements, certificates, and other coverage changes are bound to happen while your policy is active. Whether you need insurance for yourself, your family, or your agency, think about the insurance broker’s policy service procedures – and set up a face-to-face with your designated account executives, even if that is through virtual channels like Zoom or Cisco Webex. 

Be Sure to Verify Their Reputation 

Admittedly, we discussed this tip in our previous installment. Even so, it is simply too crucial to forget about; reading reviews and testimonials is indispensable in today’s interconnected world. Third-party reviews are going to be unbiased, and Reddit can be a goldmine for this information.

Inquire about Claims Reporting Procedures

The claims reporting procedures that any brokerage company touts serve as the basis for the contract that you sign with your newfound insurance broker. You have rights, responsibilities, and requirements that you are obligated to observe and complete to avoid delays, denials, and lateness penalties. Getting advice and guidance from a trusted source whenever a problem arises can save you time, money, and aggravation. 

Another Customer Testimonial

Every week, we are delighted to bring you another opportunity to read about our customers’ past experiences while working with us. This time out, Regina Frazier of the University of Maryland Medical Systems registered her succinct but positive impression: “Mr. William helped me file a claim that I was not able to complete on the website. He was very helpful and attentive.” Bravo, William!

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