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The Advantages of Maximizing Use of Supplemental Benefits

mwe partnership supplemental benefits

Is your business thinking about providing supplemental benefits?

What is the purpose of supplemental benefits such as wellness programs, hospitalization, or long-term care? Providing your members’ wellness care meets all of their needs and maintains them healthier. Surprisingly, even after designing an attractive supplemental benefit program, it is less effective because members do not utilize it. To maximize the impact of supplemental benefits, health plans must complete these things:

Ensure Members Understand Their Benefits

Supplemental benefits are often added to a program design and then hidden in the back of the program’s handbook for members. This signifies that the members using these benefits know to read their handbook, ask for their health plan, and cruise the system. In addition, we recommend that health plans directly involve their at-risk members to accomplish the ideal health outcome.  

Include a Care Team

Furthermore, proactively involving at-risk members is complex. How do you determine who’s at risk? How are you aware of each existing member’s comprehensive care plan? You must support current member touch points: the care team. This is why most companies build a proposed platform for care teams to request services on behalf of their patients. The goal is to allow clinical teams to access primary benefits that maintain their patients healthier effortlessly.

Create a Simple Access to Supplemental Benefits

Additionally, existing members who require one supplemental benefit constantly need other services. Analyze the ideal way to access these services to increase proper member and provider behavior while decreasing administrative burden. For instance, pregnant women need continuous appointments, transportation to and from these appointments, and nutrition for mothers and babies.

Moreover, health programs can enable systems of care that permit providers to use a single resource to solicit all these things in favor of their patients instead of contacting three various providers. Is your business thinking about designing a supplemental benefit? Check out this article we believe is essential to keep in mind. Please visit us today to learn how to use supplemental benefits within your business!  

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