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The COVID-19 Pandemic Shone a Spotlight on Employee Benefits

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Did you know that COVID-19 brought an array of employee benefits to the forefront of society’s consciousness?

Have you been practicing constant vigilance? Although it seems like the pandemic is receding, it is still a clear and present threat. Even so, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight. Did you know that COVID-19 brought an array of employee benefits to the forefront of society’s consciousness? It’s very much true. Allow us to elaborate! 

Such Investments Are Incredibly Valuable

Expanding voluntary benefits packages is indeed relatively costly. However, the upfront price tag should not cause you to balk. As it turns out, such investments yield fabulous benefits-related results. The well-being of your employees needs to be your top priority. Throughout the majority of the crisis, benefits held steady. Health benefits make an enormous psychological difference – when your employees feel valued, they are motivated to work harder and smarter at the same time.  

Dental and Vision Coverage Matters 

There are no two ways about it: dental insurance matters. Vision insurance also counts for something. Although these two benefits are typically considered optional (or even supplemental), they are more important than that. That way, your employees can go to the dentist to have a routine extraction deal with; likewise, they’ll be able to afford new glasses whenever they need them. Serious medical problems can develop if basic care is downplayed or otherwise minimized. Some examples include cancer, diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, and gum disease. 

More Appointments are Happening 

Voluntary benefits are the gifts that keep on giving. One promising sign that things are getting better is that more appointments are being scheduled. For most of 2020, everything basically ground to a halt. Self-care in terms of physical and mental health is being emphasized so that it could lead to fundamental changes. Thus, we must diminish the effects of the toxic work culture so prevalent in our society for more profound results to materialize. So if your teammates, colleagues, and coworkers feel that they need to take some time off, give them plenty of time in which to do so! 

What the Future Seems to Bring 

New trends also indicate that a program of comprehensive employee benefits is no longer on the chopping block. Outdated business models need to be let go of; pulse surveys can help determine what stays and what doesn’t. Analyze benefit-usage trends. Then, talk to your broker and insurance carrier to form a plan of action from now on! 

Another Customer Testimonial 

Heather Porzillo had more kind words about us: “Over the years, we have expanded our voluntary benefits to offer more than just Aflac. Aflac is great for life’s expenses when illnesses and injuries arise. However, employees have requested other programs such as life insurance and long-term care. Drew helped us implement those programs as well, also at no cost to our organization!” Thanks again, Heather! Well done, Drew!

Get Your Voluntary, Supplemental, and Health Insurance Policies with the MWE Partnership!

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