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The Indemnity Dilemma: Will You Need Comprehensive Hospital Insurance?

The Indemnity Dilemma: Will You Need Comprehensive Hospital Insurance?

So the biggest question becomes this: when will you need reliable hospital insurance?

No one wants to go to the hospital. However, at some point, most everyone will need to stay there for one reason or another. Whether they are sick, wounded, or injured, all of these conditions can warrant a hospital stay. Plus, you cannot overlook the dreadful time when someone you love is afflicted with a life-threatening illness. So the biggest question becomes this: when will you need reliable hospital insurance

Those Most Urgently Affected 

Let’s start by looking at those patients who need hospital insurance the most out of any other affected group. Of course, there are those who need emergency life-saving care but also, anyone can take advantage of this policy. Even though it counts as a type of voluntary benefit, such an investment is well worth it. After all, co-pays, deductibles, groceries, childcare, rent – the list goes on – all of it can add up extremely quickly. Not to mention the price tag attached to the stay itself! This is the reason why the concept of hospital indemnity insurance exists: financial relief

The Comparison to Medical Insurance

Now then, you might be wondering how medical insurance differs from the topic at hand. In short, medical insurance will only apply to the money you owe when you need hospital care. The downside of this is that you won’t have extra leeway for your other budgetary expenses. Fortunately, the indemnity insurance benefits go directly to you so you can choose what you what to spend them on instead.  

Concerns Over Extended Coverages

Likewise, you could be curious (and anxious) about the applicable coverages and just how you are supposed to pay for these wonderful benefits. Some example coverages include medical testing; seeing specialists who do not belong to your insurance provider’s network; paying for credit card bills; or other basic necessities that cannot be avoided. Moreover, your employer will offer to deduct the premium payments from your paycheck directly – which means you don’t have to worry about handling the transaction on your own!

Examining In-Patient vs. Out-Patient Care 

Ultimately, while it comes down to the plan you select, both major types of hospital care become more affordable. Indemnities cover any traumas or illnesses that see you rushed to the emergency – plus your stay along with surgeries and time spent in the ICU. likewise, the surgical procedures that are classified as “outpatient” are also eligible to be paid for via this method.

Another Customer Testimonial 

We have to tell you about another satisfied customer! David Linville of Advent Global Solutions asked for assistance with the open enrollment process. “Just did my open enrollment with Laura Roettger. Every single time in my career enrollment has been a pain. They throw the stack of papers at you and you figure it out yourself. Laura and I did a Zoom call and start to finish was about 20 minutes. It was great. Highly recommend both the company and Laura.” Very nice, Laura! 

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