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The Most Compelling Reasons Why Employers Should Offer Dental Insurance

Therefore, if you want to help your employees weather the pandemic, then it is time to rethink your existing benefits packages – especially when it comes to dental insurance.

It is incumbent on employers to offer their workers the types of insurance that will be most beneficial for them. In fact, top-tier workplaces consistently rank higher on job board sites if they do this. Therefore, if you want to help your employees weather the pandemic, then it is time to rethink your existing benefits packages – especially when it comes to dental insurance. 

They Are Competing for Prospective Employees 

Even with the job market constantly in flux, employers still want the best talent to come their way. Unless there is some degree of a hiring freeze, then recruiters and headhunters should always be on the lookout for impressive candidates who may be overqualified at first glance but are just waiting for the right opportunity to come along at the right time. Engineers, computer programmers, graphic designers, and high-level executives are in demand right now – so stack the deck of benefits in your favor! 

It Is Affordable and Ethically Responsible 

Even if the plan that your company ultimately relies on calls for pre-tax deductions, something is better than nothing. In other words, dental insurance is both affordable and ethically responsible. You’ll want to show all employees – present and future – that you want to go overboard in terms of looking after them. As long as the plan is geared toward prevention, you can help keep the associated costs down.

Preventative Care Outweighs Recovery Time 

There’s a saying that goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- well when it comes to dental insurance, that trite saying rings very true. With the right kinds of dental insurance backing them up, your team members will feel more comfortable scheduling dentist appointments for regular cleanings, SRP, and even more involved procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions and root canals – the last two of which could cause them to miss a few days of work while they recover.  

Dental Benefits Help Your Workers’ Drive

So with all of that said, what is the single most important reason to implement dental insurance benefits? Well, it helps motivate your workforce. They are more driven while being more relaxed, since they know they are being looked after, they won’t need to push themselves to the point of being burned out and run the risk of being too exhausted to properly interface with clients and serve your customers. 

A Customer Testimonial

We are proud to introduce you to another pleased customer! This time around, Jane Wynne of Field Controls/Heico was thrilled with the service we provided her in regards to her insurance claim. “William Fedo has been most helpful [in] the past few months with my husband’s hospital claims. He went “over and beyond” to work with me and the hospital to get my claims paid as quickly as possible.” Great job, William!

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