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The Process of Switching to Your Spouse’s Insurance Plan

mwe partnership switching to your spouse's insurance plan

Are you considering switching to your spouse’s insurance plan?

If you decide that switching to your spouse’s insurance plan is the best policy, go for it. However, it’s essential to get the timing right and confirm if you qualify for special enrollment periods (SEPs). Read on to learn the process of switching to your spouse’s insurance plan and what situations can provoke a special enrollment period (SEP).

Switching To Your Spouse’s Plan During Open Enrollment

Switching to your spouse’s insurance plan is easy during the yearly open enrollment period. You simply cancel your existing coverage and enroll in your spouse’s policy. Also, timing the change during open enrollment means you begin saving if you make the change to reduce group health insurance costs.

Most companies run their insurance coverage with the calendar year. So, open enrollment typically starts in November for coverage to begin on January 1. Ensure to confirm that you and your spouse’s plans have the same plan year with the exact start date to avoid a gap in coverage.

Outside the Open Enrollment Period

Moreover, switching your coverage to your spouse’s policy outside of the open enrollment period can be challenging because they might not match. You can also be refused coverage until the open enrollment period comes again.

In addition, if your company provides you with an ICHRA or a QSEHRA, this can provoke a special enrollment period. This means the SEP will give you 60 days when you are given the HRA to switch to your spouse’s insurance family plan.

Changing Your Health Coverage During Special Enrollment Periods

Furthermore, switching to your spouse’s insurance plan is possible during a SEP under specific circumstances. This includes:

Additionally, you’ll need to demonstrate proof of your circumstance changes to your company if you qualify for a SEP before the company confirms if you are eligible. If you don’t complete this process within a month, your plan selection might be canceled. So, don’t delay if you need to switch insurance coverage outside open enrollment.

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