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Uncover the Value of Group Health Insurance Plan Options with These Questions

mwe partnership group health insurance plan options

Select one of the group health insurance plan options that provide free employee health assessments and resources to maintain your employees healthy.

Pricing is often the main factor that employers consider. It’s also vital not to compromise quality for cost. Instead of choosing the cheapest plan, consider overall value. What will you receive for the price you pay? Check out these questions to help uncover the value of group health insurance plan options for your employees.

How Will the Plan Maintain My Employees Healthy?

An excellent health plan isn’t about treating illness; it’s also about promoting well-being. Remember that keeping your employees healthy is excellent for business. Healthy employees don’t take off many sick days and are more productive at work. To that end, select one of the group health insurance plan options that provide free employee health assessments and resources to maintain your employees healthy.

If an employee is sick, must they attend a clinic for an appointment? Or does the health plan offer low-cost services that allow them to receive digital care without an appointment? These services are convenient for your workers since they can decrease treatment costs.

Does the Plan Provide Pharmacy Benefits?

Pharmacy benefits are a significant topic. Be aware that hidden costs can affect your plan’s overall cost. Understanding how prescription drug markups impact pharmacy benefits can assist you in determining if the drug rebates are saving costs or complicating things.

Are Integrated Plans Included?

Does the same insurance company offer medical, dental, and pharmacy commercial policies? Additionally, integrated plans provide convenience, cost savings, and simplified administration and reporting advantages. And for your employees, combined benefits can attract a more positive patient experience and better health outcomes.

If you are ready, talking to a health insurance broker would be the next step. Fortunately, The MWE Partnership can walk you through different insurance plan options to assist you in seeking the best fit for you and your employees. They’ll even help you understand the limitations and benefits of all the group health insurance plan options. Call us today at 410-394-9617 to learn more about choosing group health insurance plans for your company.

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