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What are the Types of Identity Theft?


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One of the ideal ways to prevent any type of identity theft is to check your personal records for activity and accuracy continually.

Identity theft occurs when a person commits a crime by obtaining someone else’s personal information to assume that person’s identity and make purchases or transactions. One of the ideal ways to prevent any type of identity theft is to check your personal records for activity and accuracy continually. And purchase identity theft insurance from The MWE Partnership should all your preventions fail.

Different Types of Identity Theft

As technology advances, there are many ways now for various scammers and criminals to access your private data. These are the common types of identity theft and fraud to be aware of:

Account Takeover

This specific identity theft happens when a criminal obtains access and takes over one or more of your accounts without your authorization. Plus, they use these accounts to make fraudulent transactions or purchases.

Credit or Debit Card Identity Theft

When an individual uses your card without your permission. A criminal can make unauthorized transactions even without having your physical card. All that is needed is your security code, credit card number, and PIN. In these cases, it’s useful to have identity theft coverage. The assistance can assist you in recovering your financial identity and repairing credit reports.

Social Security

Social security number is one of the most essential tools. It enables thieves to open fake accounts under your name. As a result, you can receive a bad credit score and delinquent accounts showing up on your credit card reports. It’s time to get professional ID fraud insurance or protection if you notice unfamiliar names or other information in your credit card reports.

Tax Identity Fraud

This happens when an individual employs your personal information and SSN to file a tax return and collects a refund under your name.

Senior Identity Scams

Moreover, seniors are specifically vulnerable to becoming identity theft victims. It’s important to warn the elderly in your life about potential scammers calling and pretending they’re from the Medicare office or IRS. Some con artists will also ask for passwords and confidential information. Also, it’s very common for criminals to call and pretend they’re family in trouble, asking for money.

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