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What Does Basic Vision Insurance Cover?

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In considering the scope of your employee benefits, you want to know exactly how to meet their needs efficiently.

In considering the scope of your employee benefits, you want to know exactly how to meet their needs efficiently. Vision insurance is just one part of a robust, competitive benefits package that boosts both morale and retention! Here, we’ll be explaining exactly what basic vision insurance does and does not offer so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

Office Visits

Most common vision insurance plans will cover an annual eye exam in some way. Whether that means a consistent $15 copay, or that a visit is covered up to a certain amount differs from one plan to the next. These appointments fall in the category of routine preventive care. They are crucial for maintaining eye health and overall quality of life.


Fun Fact: There are upwards of 20 health conditions that can be detected in the earliest stages as part of your regular eye exam (including brain tumors and rheumatoid arthritis!


Insurance for Eyeglasses

Nearly all vision plans will also cover eyeglasses with basic lenses once per benefit period. The vision insurance benefit period is typically either 12 or 24 months. If a person wanted their lenses outfitted with an anti-glare coating or a similar upgrade, they would have to pay out-of-pocket. Similarly, frames are only covered up to a certain amount which is figured differently for different insurance companies. 


Insurance for Contact Lenses

Most basic plans will cover either eyeglasses or contact lenses within a given benefit period. In addition, they also require a yearly exam on record in order to pay for the lenses. And you guessed it; these will be covered up to a certain variable dollar amount. 


Eye Surgery

When eye care requires a more drastic intervention, vision insurance can be a lifesaver. While emergency surgeries involving the eye may even be covered by standard health insurance, corrective surgeries that are considered elective will fall under the vision coverage umbrella. Many policies offer discounts on laser surgeries that can significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

Vision Insurance At A Glance

Basic vision insurance and other supplemental benefits can bridge common gaps in healthcare plans. These fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form attractive benefits packages that keep employees happy and productive for a long time. We hope this has helped you make a decision on what exactly you can offer in today’s market. 

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