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What Should You Ask Your Potential Employer About Health Insurance?

What Should You Ask Your Potential Employer About Health Insurance? mwe parternship

It’s important to ask your employer the right questions so you don’t receive any health policy surprises.

Suppose you’re negotiating your salary and benefits package and know you’ll receive coverage through the company’s health insurance plan. That’s amazing, right? Well, make sure you also ask the right questions, so you don’t receive any health policy surprises. So, what should you ask your potential employer about health insurance? 

Do You Have a Summary of the Health Insurance Policies You’re Providing? 

Things can become confusing when your employer provides several insurance plans. You may want to compare based on a summary instead of reading too much into the fine print. Most of the time, employers often have some sort of summary of the health insurance plans they offer, so check if HR can get one for you. 

What’s in the Coverage? 

If you or a family relative have any special procedures or pre-existing conditions, it’s critical to understand how much coverage the plan will offer you. So, ask plenty of questions regarding what’s covered and limited. In addition, ask if there is a monthly premium or any deductibles. If there is a deductible, what things does it include? Is the monthly premium being taken from the paycheck, or must you provide it differently? 

Also, there can sometimes be a waiting period without health coverage before the company brings you onto their policy. Fortunately, you can cover yourself using COBRA, a short-term health insurance plan. Talk to your employer whether they have resources available to get you onto a COBRA. 

Is the Healthcare Plan an HMO or PPO?

Health Maintenance Organizations provide you access to certain physicians and hospitals within their network. A network consists of providers that have agreed to reduce their rates for plan members and meet quality standards. In contrast, PPOs provide a more comprehensive network of providers and extensive coverage but often have a higher price tag. Ultimately, make sure you know what you’re getting into when you make a decision. 

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