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Why Is Supplemental Life Insurance Significant for Your Employees?

mwe partnership supplemental life insurance

Supplemental life insurance is an additional policy to fill primary life insurance coverage gaps.

At some point, you will need to obtain supplemental life insurance because, sometimes, your employer’s coverage might not be enough. So, talk with your family members to determine what is best, especially if you will require some additional coverage.

How Does Supplemental Life Insurance Work?

Supplemental life insurance is an additional policy to fill primary life insurance coverage gaps. It’s also usually employee-paid, meaning employees cover the premium costs. In a typical supplemental life policy, a group of people receive coverage. However, your employer owns the policy. If you pass away while you receive coverage by workplace insurance, your beneficiaries will obtain a life insurance payout. The premium is often paid via payroll deductions with pre-tax dollars.

Is Supplemental Life Insurance Necessary?

Analyzing your current coverage and future needs may help you determine if you need supplemental life insurance. Does your existing policy support your loved ones if you pass away? Will your dependents have enough to maintain their lifestyle without your income? If you plan for major expenses, like paying off a mortgage or your child’s college tuition, getting supplemental life insurance can be a lifesaver. Lastly, examine your employment’s stability status. Your employer-provided life insurance might lapse if your job situation changes.

How Much Does Supplemental Insurance Cost?

Your employer’s group rate determines the cost of supplemental life insurance if you consider coverage. In addition, the life insurance company determines the prices for each “group” by assessing the life expectancy, demographics, policy design, and past claims of each request. Remember, your age, lifestyle choices, and health may influence rates.

Purchasing Life Insurance Outside of Work

Purchasing supplemental life insurance outside of work gives you more options. Here is how you can navigate the process:

  • Consider factors such as your family’s needs and how much debt you have—understanding the gaps in your current coverage and determining the supplemental amount needed.
  • Compare life insurance quotes from several companies. You will find more options outside of work.
  • Pay attention to coverage specifics, fees, or exclusions because not all policies are equal.
  • Some insurance companies might require a medical examination or health questionnaire to influence your rates and eligibility.

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