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Why Should HR Managers Expand Voluntary Benefits Packages for Employees?

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HR managers should step up and redesign existing voluntary benefits packages to align with the ever-evolving circumstances that their colleagues need to work around.

Life can be unpredictable. Even before the pandemic struck, daily life had its share of ups and downs. These triumphs and struggles define the human experience. However, in tough times supporting one another becomes even more important. HR managers should step up and redesign existing voluntary benefits packages to align with the ever-evolving circumstances that their colleagues need to work around. 

Employees Want More Extensive Coverage 

Health insurance used to be the coverage type that employees most often demanded. However, that status quo is changing. Now more than ever, employees seek better policies. They want perks to go up and costs to go down. Prudential Research recently conducted a survey which revealed that 75% of the employees who participated believe benefits are even more crucial these days due to the pandemic. Requests for retirement savings, disability insurance, and life insurance are surging. As such, HR managers should recognize that trend and take meaningful steps to actualize their promises. 

Furloughs and Layoffs Impact Financial Situations 

While furloughs and layoffs are not as prevalent as they were last year, they could still become a burden on many average employees. Even if the other workers on your payroll were not directly affected by such employment upheavals, they likely know someone who was. Many businesses had to slash their teams’ hours which, in turn, decreased take-home pay. Voluntary benefits packages provide more relief than they might appear to on the surface. Even if they are not needed in the short term, such options are still good to have as a piece-of-mind safety net.  

Companies Must Adapt with the Times

All in all, companies must keep up with societal changes. The old ways of thinking – even from a decade ago – are becoming obsolete. Since they are no longer applicable to today’s workforce, they won’t be as effective. Commuters and part-time employees deserve to have a solid set of voluntary and supplemental benefits available to them.  At the end of the day, all stakeholders save money – and that is good news for everyone! 

Our Latest Customer Testimonial 

Stephen Crawmer from Diversified HVAC was impressed with how his insurance claim was handled: “I had never had to file a claim like this. I never expected to hurt myself, but when I did, Aflac was there every step of the way. My injury kept me out of work for 6 weeks in the middle of a pandemic. And a single phone call kept me and my family safe and secure. Aflac had benefits in my account faster than the bills could come in, which was so reassuring. And it’s not just about money, but the support and peace of mind my agent gave me was priceless. 

I really felt that Aflac knew that my livelihood was compromised and took on the emotional burden with me. Aflac is a great company that has an inspiring mission, and they hire amazing people. Thank you so much.” 

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