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Workers Compensation And Voluntary Benefits: The Connection That Matters

Workers Compensation And Voluntary Benefits: The Connection That Matters

Workers compensation is ultimately the employer’s responsibility.

Despite the common ground, short-term disability and workers compensation are managed by differing bodies. In fact, bridging this divide can actually be a huge benefit for all employees. Many employers find themselves with employees who will circle back from short-term disability to workers comp. Here is the connection that every employer and employee have been looking for.

Short-Term Disability

Traditionally, short-term disability insurance falls under the umbrella of voluntary employee benefits. In fact, often, it is featured as a voluntary benefit. As a result, it essentially allows employees to receive any income replacement if they were injured off the job or suffered an illness that was not a result of their job. But this is in sharp contrast to the definition of workers comp.

Workers Comp

In a nutshell, workers’ compensation is ultimately the employer’s responsibility. In fact, through workers’ compensation claims, employers have to pay through their insurance money to the client for time missed from work.

Examining All The Differences

Now that we have examined both of them, it’s clear to see that the differences between short-term disability and workers compensation are drastically different. In fact, when people begin to figure out how both of these programs work, they can start to take advantage of them. As a result, employers should integrate these programs in a way that provides the best results for both the employer and employee. Keeping employees engaged in the workforce is essential, which is why having a coordinated effort between risk management and HR is ideal for all involved.

Bottom Line

In the end, it is important to remember that employees can get emotional. Having an injury or illness is difficult. Being mindful of all the factors involved is the best way to create a working environment that thrives.

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