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3 Key Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance

a woman lies in a hospital bed surrounded by two nurses

Hospital Indemnity Insurance can help cover unexpected costs during a health crisis.

Should employees have hospital indemnity insurance? Many employees are unaware of how hospital indemnity insurance can ultimately help them and what situations it would cover and how. When employees find themselves or a family member unable to work and lying in a hospital bed, it is a lot more than just money these people are losing. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if there were some protection people could have that would cover any extra costs that could pop up during this time, particularly with a sudden health crisis. Here are some benefits that come with having indemnity hospital insurance

Makes Health Insurance Better

Although hospital indemnity insurance isn’t technically health insurance, it works in conjunction with health insurance and can provide gaps in coverage to help employees manage to pay for all the medical costs that come with a medical crisis. Hospital indemnity insurance can trigger payments when certain events associated with hospital visits occur. Therefore, hospital indemnity insurance plans will pay out for a policyholder to get a wheelchair or pay for a hospital stay when someone has to spend the night. 

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Covers Many Costs

The perk of hospital indemnity insurance is that employees can use it to pay for their deductible or well, anything else. In fact, with hospital stays costing a lot these days, having some cushion and fall-back plan for employees to lean on in the event of a medical crisis can do wonders for their wallet and mental state. The fact remains, payments can be used for whatever purposes employees so choose. The reason behind this is that, unlike health insurance, hospital indemnity insurance plans will never be tied to any specific services, but instead, they pay policyholders once certain events happen involving medical or hospital invoices. 

Perfect For Families

Hospital indemnity insurance is ideal for employees with families. Family coverage under hospital indemnity plans ultimately provides significant relief for when a parent or spouse has to take time off work to tend to the care of a hospitalized spouse or child. Beyond that, hospital indemnity insurance plans are wonderful for expectant mothers as they will end up having to spend a few nights in the hospital after giving birth to their child. 

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