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The Benefits Of Auto-Enrolling Employees In Disability Insurance

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Let your employees know the benefits of disability insurance auto-enrollment.

Having disability insurance can sometimes be seen as a necessity from the perspective of employees. Many seek employers who provide this voluntary and supplemental benefit when looking for where to work. Employers who haven’t yet subscribed to the essential voluntary benefit of disability insurance might end up seeing many of their employees leave, and have extreme difficulty attracting top talent when hiring new employees. Here are some crucial things employers need to know when it comes to providing disability insurance to their employees. 

Why Employees Are Seeking Disability Insurance

Employees continue to lack preparedness when it comes to any potential disruption in their income. Meeting financial obligations with even a slight decrease in their salary can have very significant implications for these employees’ lives. This personal struggle can then impact how employees can stay happy and productive at the office. As a result, providing employees with disability insurance to protect them from the financial hardships they can potentially endure after some disaster can help provide them with the necessary finances and medical coverage during their recovery time. 

The Perfect Way to Encourage Participation Among Employees

One of the best ways to encourage employees to get disability insurance is to provide an auto-enroll for them. When left entirely up to employees, many may waive signing up for disability coverage thinking they’ll never need it. However, it isn’t until they do need it that they consider the importance of having disability insurance. As a result, instead of leaving it up to your employees, make it easier on them and provide them with an auto-enroll option to ensure all your employees are financially protected in the event of a disability or medical emergency for themselves or a loved one. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, providing your employees with auto-enroll disability insurance can change the way employees look at their finances. Having happy and productive employees is what every employer wants — so why not provide this to yourself by offering an auto-enrollment option for your employees’ disability insurance coverage plans. 

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