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A Comprehensive Examination of Major Medical Insurance

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Major medical insurance might seem too dense and abstract for industry outsiders to understand.

Is it time for your yearly physical checkup? Even if it’s not, it’s still worthwhile to learn as much as you can about your health. Major medical insurance might seem too dense and abstract for industry outsiders to understand. But we promise you that isn’t the case one hundred percent of the time. And if your employer doesn’t extend employee benefits in this regard, you’re not out of options. The marketplace is a great place to look, and specialized brokerage firms can step in and help. 

So What Is It? 

This type of insurance is targeted at providing coverage against the costs of major illnesses and hospitalizations. In addition, it helps you pay for preventative care whenever necessary. The plans themselves comply with the terms laid out by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Anyone enrolled in these programs receives minimum essential coverage. But sometimes, that doesn’t go far enough. The major plans ultimately give you full coverage. The out-of-pocket payments you are obligated to make are relatively low. But under the purview of the ACA, they could also potentially be categorized as “catastrophic” or high-deductible health plans.   

What Coverages Are Available? 

As we indicated above, these insurance policies help you afford treatment for illnesses, injuries, and preventive care as needed. Immunizations and screenings are also included, many of which are typical components of ordinary medical care. Also, emergency services, maternity/newborn care, and mental health/substance use matters fall under this kind of insurance coverage. This is not a nationwide trend, but multiple states across the country bundle in dental care, vision insurance, and medical management needs (such as getting medication for diabetes).  

Do Preexisting Conditions Disqualify Me? 

It’s normal to worry about preexisting conditions. Healthcare legislation evolves all the time and not necessarily in the most progressive and person-centered manner. All of the major medical insurance programs adhering to the ACA cover these conditions. What does “preexisting” even mean? It refers to a health issue you had before your current insurance policy kicked in. The good news? You can’t be denied coverage. Want to know some even better news? The insurance companies are prohibited from charging you extra to address these conditions.  

A Customer Testimonial

We have more to tell you about Nisha Rastagi’s experience with our team members. “Many of them [the employees] were thrilled about the Life Insurance. They often did not have any coverage otherwise. Some employees appreciated the benefits of Maternity. We are a school that employs many young women; it was nice to be able to offer them this plan. It pays cash benefits to them on top of FMLA, Short-Term Disability, and anything else they have in force so that the new parents can focus on their baby, instead of how to make ends meet.” Thanks again, Nisha!  

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