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Developing a Better Understanding of Employee Benefits, Supplemental or Otherwise

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First off, it might be helpful to discuss what the term “benefits education” means.

One way to keep your existing employees engaged is to keep them happy. Thinking of innovative ways to apprise them of their access to benefits is a quick and easy way to decrease relevant confusion. Team morale matters more than you might think, especially in times of turmoil like the ones we face now. Here, we present a concise guide to how you can inform your employees about the compensation packages they can tap into when needed.  

Decoding the Term “Benefits Education” 

First off, it might be helpful to discuss what the term “benefits education” means. Each insurance package you offer is a different set of benefits. Giving your employees all the information they need to make informed decisions is the smartest play. Most of the time, this message only comes up when open enrollment season is about to begin. But life changes every day. The reality your teammates and colleagues faced a week ago might not be the same a month from now. With that in mind, you must emphasize the importance of benefits throughout the year.  

Seamless Communication at Quarterly Junctures

Each fiscal year is divided into quarters. The quarter lasts roughly three months. Transitions between beginnings and endings overlap. Ideally, your company’s communications regarding employee benefits should be as seamless as this. The first quarter focuses on “Employee Wealth” concepts such as financial protection, financial planning, life insurance, disability coverage, and budgeting help. 

Then, in Q2, talk about aspects of “Health and Wellbeing,” where you discuss the following: health screenings, health advocate services, dental preventative care, and vision checkups. 

In quarter 3, switch gears to adjusting work/life balance. How should you do this? Summarize applicable value-added services. These services can flesh out disability plans and facilitate access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), legal counsel, and cash in their paid time off. 

Quarter 4 represents the end of the year. This time of year is when open enrollment starts back up. That’s why it is so important to hold conversations about the open enrollment process. How will existing coverages change? New laws at the state and federal levels affect how programs work. Reminders about guaranteed issue expiration dates are bound to be greatly appreciated as well!

Another Customer Testimonial  

Martha R. Whiteley, an Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company employee, was ecstatic when we helped her out. “Thank you to Don Wilson of MWE Partnership for his help bringing on new Voluntary Benefits for our employees at Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company. Since our initial meeting with Don Wilson and his partner Drew Skibitsky, they have done a professional job for our management staff and production employees.” Well done, Don and Drew!  

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