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The Best Way to Create an Employee Benefits Package for Generation Z

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Post-millennials are also looking for wonderful employee benefits. Here are some reasons why employers should take notice!

The newest generation to enter the workforce: generation Z. With baby boomers starting to retire, millennials have now become a large portion of the workforce. For years now, employers have been looking at ways of attracting and retaining this elusive generation. And they often turn to incredible benefits packages to get these talented people. But, now, we have a brand-new generation entering the workforce- generation Z. Post-millennials are also looking for wonderful employee benefits. Here are some reasons why employers should take notice!

Who is Generation Z?

The boomer generation is the only one with agreed upon dates recognized by the census bureau (1946 through 1964), however, the media has spent plenty of time defining and debating the others. For the majority of people, Gen Z begins sometimes between 1997 and 2001. Some will make the case for defining this generation as starting on September 11, 2001, in recognition of the historical event on that day which changed the way Americans live their lives. Without a doubt, Gen Z is being raised with an entirely different perspective on life than those who came before them.

Make an Employee Benefits Package for Gen Z

Because Gen Z is focused on volunteering they might appreciate something like a paid day of service in your employee benefits package. In fact, for employees who would like to partake, they can use the day to volunteer for a non-profit organization of their choosing. This flexibility allows employees to feel like they are making a difference in a cause that they truly believe in. Also, employers can ask employees to provide a signed note so ensure that everyone is using the day for a good purpose and not just an excuse to skip work without using vacation time.

Another important note is that Gen Z are not all that interested about the health insurance portion of your employee benefits package. Since they still qualify to be under their parents’ plans, many are not at all concerned about the health benefits employers are offering. While this is likely to alter slightly over time, the fact remains that right now, Gen Z employees are not at all interested in a health insurance package as they are with other benefits.

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