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What Millennials Want From Their Supplemental Insurance Benefits

It’s time to finally put aside the notion that millennials are flighty and unpredictable. Generally defined as people who born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, this cohort has moved out of its entry-level jobs and are now working as managers and directors. In fact, high-potential employees have become high-performers. Companies are now looking for ways to hold onto them, which is why understanding what exactly they need from their benefits is imperative.

supplemental benefits

Here are some supplemental benefits that employers should take note of when looking to retain their millennial talent pool.

Better Family Benefits

Now, millennials are finally ready to settle down and start families of their own. In fact, it’s this stage of their lives when they become more interested in family-friendly benefits. Things like child-care reimbursement and paid time off are popular perks that millennials would like to see from their employers. Paid time off would inspire these millennial workers to switch to a different position- that’s how important is really is.

Financial Benefits

Debt is considerably a major issue for most millennials. As a result, they are particularly interested in working at places that provide them with numerous financial benefits. Being able to manage all their loans can be complicated for most of them. Therefore, getting those student-loan reimbursements can really be a great way to keep your millennials workforce in place.

Development and Training Opportunities

One of the biggest and most common stereotypes about millennials is that they’re ambitious without actually wanting to pay their dues. But, the reality is that they are willing to work at developing their careers with the assistance of training opportunities to help them grow and learn. In fact, millennials want the training necessary to make their careers grow. Having an employer who provides them with this service will keep them from looking for a position elsewhere.

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