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Commonly Misunderstood Myths about Pet Insurance

Commonly Misunderstood Myths about Pet Insurance

Insurance is a mystery to many people who are not well-versed in the industry, and pet insurance often invites confusion and the proliferation of commonly misunderstood myths and misconceptions.

Pets are a huge part of any human family that they belong to; despite the jokingly affectionate way in which we call our furry friends our fur-children, it is also meant to reflect a genuine connection that is as valid as the bonds we share with each other. Insurance is a mystery to many people who are not well-versed in the industry, and pet insurance often invites confusion and the proliferation of commonly misunderstood myths and misconceptions

All Claims Are Denied 

It’s easy to believe that coverage is hard to come by and that your claims won’t be accepted. One of the most enduring myths is that all claims are denied or that nothing is covered by pet insurance. However, you must learn as much as you can about the policy you are signing up for – more detailed information might become necessary. Talking to customer care specialists can help you find out more. 

Your Vet is Ineligible 

No matter how long you have had your pet, chances are good that you have a single veterinarian you trust. One of the reasons why many people hesitate to acquire pet insurance policies is that they think their current vet is out of network. Pet insurance works via reimbursement, so whether you are in your home area or are traveling within the country, you can be sure that coverage is always available. 

Coverage is Already Provided 

Making assumptions about insurance coverage is never advisable. You may think that coverage is already provided to you through your veterinarian, but this is not always the case. Wellness packages cover vaccines and physicals. However, they do not extend to accidents, sickness, and genetic conditions they inherited from their parents. Pet insurance policies can go beyond the basic wellness plans for both cats and dogs. 

It Costs Too Much 

Concerns about rising costs are perfectly valid. Wellness visits, emergency care, and examination fees can get out of hand quicker than you might initially believe. That’s why pet insurance represents such a great investment. Everyone who is still a part of the workforce is looking for some small amount of peace of mind during these tense times, and voluntary benefits such as insurance coverage for your pets are well worth it. 

A Customer Testimonial


We have yet another pleased customer to tell you about this week! Kevin Nagy of the Baltimore County Fire Department needed help with an insurance claim. To this end, he consulted with us to get it taken care of; Kevin says he “contacted Will to file a major medical claim. He sent all the paperwork immediately and was available to assist me with filling out the paperwork. After Will was sent the forms, he went over them to ensure they were complete to prevent any delays in processing the claim. The forms were immediately filed and the claim was paid in just a few days. Will did an outstanding job! True customer advocate.” As a result, Kevin would recommend MWE Partnership to a friend or business partner.  

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