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Definitions of Critical Illness Insurance

Definitions of Critical Illness Insurance

What is critical illness insurance and how does it work? Find out here.

Do you know what critical illness insurance is? When it comes to the wide variety of insurance plans out there, it might not be one you are very familiar with. This state of affairs only goes to show how much there is left to learn. The world of insurance, no matter what type of it is, is often arcane, complex, and incredibly hard for anyone who isn’t an insider to understand. Here now are some definitions to help you know more about critical illness insurance. In these scary, uncertain times, knowing is half the battle

What Is It? 

Critical illness insurance is also known as critical care insurance. This insurance policy will furnish you with a lump sum payment when it becomes necessary – mainly when are afflicted with a severe illness. How the money spends is left entirely up to you. It can go towards healthcare or personal expenses, whether or not they are tied to the incident that you got sick (regardless of its cause). However, you should also know that it is considered a separate policy from mainstream health insurance. 

How Does It Work? 

So now that we know more about what it is, let’s talk about how it is supposed to work. Although you have to pay a monthly premium, that cost covers you in the future. The payments you receive via the policy comes with a number of strings attached, though. Essentially, these factors are connected to important considerations such as how old you are; what your general health disposition is like; if you want the policy to stand alone/function as a supplement; whether it only applies to you; perhaps it covers your spouse and your family as well? Then you’ll have to note how many instances of illness are included in the policy. Finally, it will depend on if you smoke or choose to indulge in other related tobacco products since they have an enormous effect on your health and well-being. 

A Customer Testimonial 

We have another satisfied customer to tell you about! Recently, we helped Jennifer Corn of Kovach Chiropractic. She had an insurance claim to resolve, which was readily handled by our own William Fedo. Jennifer said that was very helpful and prompt in his service when it came to filing various claims. She also appreciates how swiftly he stepped in to help and was extremely professional.  

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