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The HR Manager’s Handbook to Onboarding New Hires

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In any business, seamless onboarding procedures are crucial.

In any business, seamless onboarding procedures are crucial. This transition happens at the beginning of an employee’s tenure and is considered a module of the training process. However, inexperienced human resources managers might be a little hard-pressed to keep track of all of their incoming employees. Payroll, wage distribution, overtime benefits, tax documents – all of these concerns fall under the purview of the HR manager, if not the CFO of the company. Here is a look at how to welcome a new hire to the fold more smoothly. 

Extending an Employment Offer to the Candidate 

The first phase of the onboarding process is to hire the candidate. There’s more to this than meets the eye. The recruitment game can be a competitive one. You want the best of the best, but qualifications only go so far. Either way, employment begins with an email or phone call notification. Offer letters, digital paperwork, and company policy guidebooks are essential elements of hiring a prospective employee. 

Following Up After an Acceptance 

After the employee responds with an acceptance of the job offer, the next step begins. A straightforward call (mainly through webchat programs these days) guides the new employee through all the papers and information they’ll need to help them acclimate themselves to the agency. At this point, start drawing up plans for an engaging orientation. 

Loop Them In During The Waiting Period 

Waiting periods often happen. Whether the employee is coming from a previous employer searching for new challenges or is a freshly graduated college student, some adjustment will be necessary. Even after accepting, your new employee might still be awaiting other offers. That’s why it’s so important to keep them in the loop during this time. Be as prepared as you can for the waiting period, and account for that in your new-hire protocols. 

Get Them Going On Day One 

Everyone’s first day will look different. After all, there’s a massive difference between commuting to an office or learning the ropes while working remotely. Having a tidy checklist will minimize miscommunications and other frustrating bumps in the road. Prepare the orientation schedule ahead of time. Then arrange IT needs from the system administrator; access cards and keys will also become necessary. Working from home might be the new norm, but there will still be instances when your entire team has to be on-site. Arranging direct deposit for paycheck delivery cannot be delayed, either.  After that, give them a mentor (most likely a senior teammate or team leader) who can show them how to do the actual job and get them up to speed. There are bound to be many questions, and some of them the HR Manager can’t answer. 

Communicating with Other Departments or Divisions

That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to have other departments or divisions join the onboarding process. Every coworker and manager should be informed of when the new employee is expected to arrive. Besides, this can help the new employee associate names with faces. They’ll know who to talk to should a tricky situation arise.

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