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Disability Insurance Denials: Why Might This Happen?

disability insurance denials mwe partnership

Disability insurance can be a saving grace for many workers.

Disability insurance can be a saving grace for many workers. Given the massive impact that the pandemic has had over the past year, many employees feel the pinch. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – the need for insurance has skyrocketed as wages shrink and job security wavers. Take a minute to think about the overall disposition of the people on your team – they might need disability benefits more urgently than you know. Even so, insurance denials can happen for several reasons. Let’s find out why. 

Numerous Debilitating Medical Conditions 

Various medical conditions and longstanding health problems make disability insurance a necessity. Unfortunately, this situation can turn out to be a double-edged sword: said conditions could also lead to you being denied proper coverage. Renal disorders, blood disorders, cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s can dramatically decrease your quality of life; sadly, they are often classified as “pre-existing conditions.” 

An Upcoming Surgery or Other Procedure 

All surgeries, even minor ones, carry a small amount of risk. In some cases, this danger is negligible. Still, for more complex and invasive procedures (such as when anesthesia is involved), your disability insurance carrier might be more hesitant to backstop you. Potential surgery complications such as sepsis or loss of mobility can also be the reason for an unexpected but devastating denial.

Your Weight 

Although a person’s physical appearance doesn’t always indicate how healthy they are, their weight could become a sticking point. That is because insurance companies will measure how much you weigh and how tall you are; this approach helps determine the size of the premium you are obligated to pay. Obesity can cause denial; many secondary risks, such as heart disease or back problems, can result. By contrast, being underweight can be equally problematic – as it could indicate eating disorders such as anorexia.  

Your Career is Too Risky 

Disability insurance is difficult to obtain. In many cases, it is more frustrating than it needs to be. Insurance agencies do all they can to minimize liabilities regarding the clients they serve. When underwriters evaluate your job, they’ll also analyze how risky it is. First responders, construction workers, and miners, for example, are bound to be in much more danger than white-collar workers are. The number of benefits that the insurance company has to pay could be the deciding factor whether or not you receive the services you deserve.  

A Customer Testimonial 

This week, we’d like to spotlight a testimonial from Regina Frazier. Regina, who works for the University of Maryland Medical Systems, needed help with an insurance claim: “I filed a claim after giving birth to a baby very earlier than expected. I was assisted by Mr. Fredo. He was very helpful in assisting me with my claim and went above and beyond! I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of being assisted by Mr. Fredo!” 

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