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Effectively Expanding Voluntary and Supplemental Insurance Benefits

mwe partnership voluntary and supplemental insurance benefits

Small businesses can stand out by providing voluntary and supplemental insurance benefits to their employees, similar to big employers.

In today’s current job market, small businesses can stand out by providing voluntary and supplemental insurance benefits to their employees, similar to big employers. Voluntary and supplemental benefits enable employees to personalize their coverage based on their unique lifestyle and unique needs. This increases employee and workspace satisfaction while retaining top talent in your organization.

Understanding Voluntary and Supplemental Benefits

Voluntary and supplemental benefits are additional options for employees to increase their workplace benefits package. Employers may fund or contribute to these products if they select. Still, often, employees fund these benefits, allowing employers to offer a massive range of benefits without incurring additional costs.

Common Types of Employee Benefits

Some of the most prevalent types of voluntary and supplemental insurance benefits provided by larger employers include:

  • Vision Insurance – Employees can save on contacts, glasses, and other preventative care
  • Dental Insurance – The MWE Partnership offers dental plans to help your employees save on healthcare costs
  • Life Insurance – Demonstrates that you care about the long-term well-being and financial security of your employees and their families
  • Accident Insurance – This financial protection helps when you experience a sudden, qualifying accident
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance – Covers items associated with a hospital stay that an employer’s medical insurance might not cover, such as co-pays, transportation, deductibles, and lodging
  • Critical Illness Insurance – It provides financial support after the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, cancer, heart attack, or stroke
  • Short – and Long-term Disability Insurance – This insurance ensures your employees and their dependents are taken care of in case they are unable to work

Offering Top-Notch Employee Benefits

Providing voluntary and supplemental insurance benefits can be powerful for small businesses to attract and retain excellent talent. In addition, employers can display their devotion to supporting their workforce’s financial security and well-being by offering different customizable coverage options. Partnering with The MWE Partnership can simplify the process of implementing voluntary and supplemental benefits, ensuring that their clients may focus on growing their company while providing a competitive benefits package to their employees. Easily manage your HR needs with our solutions. Contact The MWE Partnership today at 410-394-9617 to schedule an appointment.

Get in Your Voluntary, Supplemental, and Health Insurance Policies with the MWE Partnership!

Are you a business looking to provide your employees with essential voluntary benefits? If so, look no further than The MWE Partnership. When you choose The MWE Partnership, you get experienced service and comprehensive voluntary benefit options that will meet all your employees’ needs. With over 17 years of experience, The MWE Partnership is your go-to provider for all your supplemental benefit needs. If you are interested in finding out how The MWE Partnership can help your business, contact us today! We encourage you to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest voluntary benefit news!

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