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Evaluating Paid Holidays and Other Time-Off Offerings for Your Employees

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Giving your employees time-off is a valuable investment.

Giving your employees time off is a valuable investment. After all, it gives them some time to recharge. Whether they are ill, injured, or temporarily disabled, you’ve got to show that you care about them one way or the other. Paid holidays are not common in every industry. Even so, they are a boon for both workers and managers alike. Here is a better look at some of the time-off-related benefits you can provide your employees with. 

For Holidays 

There are many holidays throughout the year. Sure, the major ones are typically covered (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, etc.) but going further than that does pay off. You can also give your workers the opportunity to work on a given holiday. If they so choose, those extra 8 hours can be added to a bank of future time-off that they can use to bolster their vacation time or family leave as circumstances dictate. Either way, the “holiday” days off should be considered as a form of paid time off.  

For Vacation 

Paid vacation time is not a standard offering. Even so, it’s definitely something that is worth including in your next benefits package. Full-time employees are accustomed to having this opportunity. This is normally the case for larger companies. Small businesses, though, will almost certainly feel the squeeze. So consider the amount of time-off that is offered. Then decide how incremental the vacation time will be. Maybe each employee can rotate their time throughout the year instead of a week-long trip away. Depending on the plans you want to create, some due diligence is in order. That’s because you don’t want to run into trouble with the government over the federal law known as ERISA. But if you decide to link the time given to employees to payroll management, this unpleasant situation becomes much less likely. In any case, you’ve got to do what is best for you, your organization, and your employees! 

For Leave  

Finally, we come to the question of time-off given for leave. Sick leave and personal leave are two hot-button issues these days. That’s because there is a societal paradigm where employees are too afraid to take sick leave. They fear being replaced or losing income when the disability insurance isn’t enough. Other types of employee leave policies to implement are focused on life events such as a car breaking down or a house closing process wrapping up. Likewise, funeral leave and bereavement are valid reasons for granting your employees some time to step back and grieve before they can refocus on working.

A Customer Testimonial 

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