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How Pet Insurance Helps Your Employees

MWE Partnership pet insurance

Pet insurance can help your employees in several unexpected ways.

With so many pet owners in the United States, it’s no question that your employees can probably benefit from pet insurance. In a 2021-2022 survey, The American Pet Products Association reported that 70% of U.S. households own pets. This percentage has increased 56 percent since 1988. Let’s explore how pet insurance can benefit your company and why you should offer it to your employees. 

Pet Insurance is an Effective Recruiting Tool 

Pet ownership is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, and pets are family members. When a pet needs surgery, the costs can accumulate like human healthcare needs. With that in mind, potential employees will be happy to see that your company provides a benefit that can make their lives much more manageable. You can leverage pet insurance as a recruiting tool because not all companies offer this type of insurance, making your company unique. 

Encourages More People to Become Pet Owners 

Pet ownership has many benefits, one of them encouraging companionship. Pets give people a sense of responsibility and a greater purpose. If your employees see that you offer this type of policy, it can encourage them to house a family of feline friends or canine companions. More importantly, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that pet insurance will cover their new pet’s needs. 

A Valuable Benefits Package Improves Productivity 

When your company offers a valuable benefits package, it reduces stress. When a person has to worry about whether their pet will receive the treatments or medications they need, it can take their focus off work. In general, employees deserve a comprehensive benefits package that can ensure that taking care of their health (and their pets) will be straightforward. 

Pet Insurance Can Help Your Employees Save Money  

Every employee wants to work for a company whose culture is supportive. Once again, it can take a toll on employees when they worry about their pets’ health. Offering an insurance plan that can cut down on vet costs, protect employees from the unexpected, promote regular pet care, and increase treatment options shows that your company is caring and conscientious. 

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