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4 Benefits Of Offering Dental Insurance

mwe partnership offering dental insurance

There are many benefits that come with offering dental insurance.

Today, 47% of adults in their 30s or above suffer from gum disease, and 9% of that group has overall poor oral health, which can affect the total health of an individual, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dental insurance can eliminate this poor oral health by covering the high cost of dental care.

Dentists recommend getting your oral health checked about every six months to avoid developing more serious issues. Dental insurance is one benefit that many employees seek because dental health is critical to overall health. When employers start offering dental insurance, they often notice a few of the following business benefits.

Reduce Lost Work Hours

Poor dental health can reduce overall productivity, as many workers take sick days to deal with dental issues and oral pain. As a result, businesses struggle to meet daily targets and customer expectations.

But when employees are given dental insurance, they can use this special benefit to stay as healthy as possible. Not only will great oral health affect the moods of your employees, but it also enables them to dedicate their time to the bigger picture of the company. 

Control Costs

Many employees postpone visiting a dental clinic due to financial concerns. But with dental insurance, employees don’t have to worry about bearing the huge cost of dental procedures. Dental insurance will cover the expenses of professional teeth cleaning and an annual dental checkup. It can also cover costs for root canals, crowns, and fillings. 

When offering dental insurance, employers can determine which plans to offer employees. Or, employees can select the plans they prefer for their needs. 

Keep Workers Healthy 

Oral health is crucial to overall health because bacteria can breed in the mouth and cause further problems. When applying regular dental care and scheduling professional checkups, your employees are taking care to practice overall great health. This means they may even catch fewer colds or infections that prevent them from working or focusing on their responsibilities. 

Protect Children’s Health 

Any employees with children will be eager to take advantage of dental insurance. Children often experience tooth decay or dental problems, which require parents to take off work to schedule appointments and care. This will happen more if the children do not have proper dental care. By offering dental insurance, you can help parents at your business decrease the chance of frequent parent-child sick days.

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