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How to Introduce a New Benefits Plan to Your Workforce

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Learn the best ways to introduce a new benefits plan to your employees.

Employee benefits plans can be tricky to implement and even more challenging for employees to buy into and fully embrace. But if managed correctly, they can go a long way toward helping you attract and retain talented workers and improve the overall productivity of your workforce.

Additionally, you can’t expect your workforce to fully embrace something you haven’t taken the time to explain. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to ensure that not only are your employees aware of their benefits options, but they know exactly what each plan entails. Here we share the key steps of introducing a new benefits plan for your workforce.

Organize an Exciting and Detailed Launch Event

Start by organizing an event that will bring people together to hear about the new benefits plan. Introduce all employees and enlist them to help with the communication immediately following the event. Make sure your top talent attends your launch or at least takes part in it; often, these individuals are excited about the opportunity to enroll in the plan.

Focus on What’s Important

One of the most common mistakes organizations make when launching a new benefits plan is to focus too much on educational content. It’s good to give people detailed information, but if you spend all your time talking about using the benefits, they’ll never remember what they’re getting. So, try to avoid that mistake. Use your communications to emphasize the why not just the how.

Communicate Through Multiple Channels

Make sure you communicate the benefits plan using multiple channels, including email, face-to-face interactions, and written materials. This way, everyone will get the message. For best results, try to reach all of your employees within a few weeks after your launch event.

Remember that getting people to change their ways isn’t always easy. But if you take the time to communicate your benefits plan in an engaging, informative way, you’ll be more likely to get people on board with it and ultimately build a stronger, more productive workforce.

Open or Create a Dialogue

Once the communication has gone out and you have people’s attention, it’s time to start engaging them in the discussion surrounding your new benefits plan. The key is to listen carefully and enable employees to speak openly about what they like and don’t like about it.

Consider External Support for Success

If you’re struggling to engage your employees in a dialogue about the new benefits plan, consider reaching out to an external agency that can help. A professional benefits administrator should develop a plan that promotes engagement and sets people up for success. You may even want them to participate in your launch event or participate in your open dialogue sessions. Communicating your new benefits plan is essential to success, but you’ll enjoy even better results if you increase participation by engaging employees in conversation.

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