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Let’s Clarify Pet Insurance Myths

mwe partnership pet insurance myths

This article clarifies pet insurance myths and how pet insurance can help your furry friend.

Insurance for dogs and cats isn’t as standard as insurance for things such as houses, cars, and boats. This means there are still common misconceptions about having pet insurance. This article clarifies pet insurance myths and how pet insurance can help your furry friend.

Pet Insurance is Too Expensive

One of the biggest pet insurance myths that prevent pet owners from purchasing insurance for their pets is that pet insurance is too expensive. In reality, pet insurance can be affordable to purchase while your pet is younger and in good health.

Pet owners should compare and receive quotes from multiple insurance providers before determining a policy that works with their budget. It’s also crucial to know that pet insurance produces future costs more predictable. Plus, it prevents pet owners from choosing between spending a fortune or letting animals become mistreated if something goes wrong.

Pet Insurance is Not for Older Animals

One of many pet insurance myths is the idea that policies can only be bought when a pet is young. In fact, many pet insurers provide coverage for elderly pets. While pre-existing conditions don’t have coverage, a policy can offer protection against veterinarian bills for other health problems. Furthermore, coverage can still be comprehensive despite your pet having no pre-existing medical problems. You might also have to pay for potential care needs.

The Claims Process is a Hassle

Some pet owners are hesitant to purchase pet policies because they think the claims process is a hassle. That’s because most pet insurance operates differently than human insurance. Additionally, pet owners will typically pay their vets for care and submit a reimbursement claim. This may seem annoying if it means paying costly vet bills out-of-pocket and waiting for a check.

Fortunately, this is not an obstacle to receiving coverage. Many pet insurers guarantee to pay claims very fast – especially online claims.

You’re Limited in What Veterinarian You Can Use

Lastly, some persons don’t want to purchase pet insurance because they believe they will have to choose a particular veterinarian that works with their insurer. However, this is not the case. There are usually no “networks” with pet insurers compared to human health insurance. So, pet owners can take their pets to any licensed vet for care.

By learning the truth about these common pet insurance myths, owners can determine the best care for their furry friends.

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