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Why Long-Term Disability Insurance Might Be More Important Than You Think

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Long-term disability insurance can be a great help to employees who suffer from long-term illness or injury.

While dental, medical, and vision care is typically top of mind when it comes to employee benefits, employers should also consider how crucial long-term disability insurance can be for their employees. When an employee misses a considerable amount of work as a result of injury or illness, they may often struggle to deal with financial complications that emerge from that life event. Long-term disability insurance is attractive because it can help provide financial assistance during long-term injury or illness. Read on for the key factors to consider when offering long-term disability insurance. 

Long-Term Disability Insurance Should Be A Mainstay

Long-term disability insurance has become increasingly popular among employees. No matter how old your employees are, they may like to have access to long-term disability insurance plans. For long-term disability insurance, the perks are undeniable in any emergency, which is why employees are drawn to this voluntary and supplemental benefit. 

How Strong Is The Interest?

One of the biggest frustrations for employers is that, when it comes to long-term disability insurance, they aren’t seeing any increase in employees signing up for these plans. Many employers feel as though it is a waste of a voluntary benefit if they know that only a small number of employees sign up for it. However, if employers work to educate their employees on the availability of long-term disability insurance, as well as what it offers them, employees may begin to see the benefits of having this voluntary benefit. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately what insured employees want is to be protected from being injured, ill, or dealing with any issue that would leave them unable to come to work. From a financial perspective, employees are seeking coverage benefits that can alleviate the stress around money when they deal with a devastating illness or injury. Employees and employers both want any employee’s injury or illness to be resolved quickly and without high costs. Offering specific insurance that can cover long-term disabilities as a supplemental benefit helps to ensure the well-being of that employee and the stability of the company during the time of illness or injury. 

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