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Is Pet Insurance Actually Worth It?


Give your four-legged friends the protection they deserve with pet insurance.

More and more people are deciding to have a pet these days. With millennials waiting longer to start a family, dogs and cats are becoming the new children. As a result, pet insurance is being talked about a lot more. But is it worth offering to your employees? The reality is, not everyone will benefit from pet insurance. But those employees who treat their four-legged friends like children will see the immense value associated with pet insurance.

Premiums And Reimbursement

While it is true that if your employees own young, healthy pets, they may end up paying more for pet insurance than they will get back in premiums, it doesn’t mean that pet insurance isn’t worth it. The fact remains that the same can be said about virtually any type of insurance. All insurance companies work the exact same way as pet insurance companies. As a result, it’s impossible to disclaim pet insurance for this reason. So we must delve deeper.

Why Does Someone Need Pet Insurance?

A pet owner would need pet insurance to assist in covering the cost of medical bills and expenses associated with their beloved animals. For the most part, people purchase pet insurance to cover the costs of chronic pain, unexpected problems or surgeries that would require people to pay astronomical costs out of pocket. What if one of your employee’s dog fractures their leg? Surgery is likely needed that can cost thousands of dollars. So, while pet insurance isn’t necessarily for your annual vet visit, it is there to help offset the significant costs associated with a substantial surgery for a dog or cat.

Pets, They’re Just Like Children

For many pet owners, treating their pets like children is nothing new. And making sure that their dogs and cats are able to get the treatment they need when they need it is vital to every single pet owner. Therefore, it could really help benefit your business to offer a voluntary pet insurance plan so that you can help ease the stress associated with a major surgery on your employee’s four-legged friend.

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