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A Competitive Benefits Plan Will Include Voluntary Supplemental Benefits


Standing out in a competitive marketplace requires employers to provide more incentives for employees like more voluntary benefits.

These days, employers are competing for the best talent. And often prospective employees are choosing the companies that they want to work for. These candidates are looking for companies that are offering competitive and comprehensive employee benefits packages. That’s because the top-talent candidates understand the value of a well-rounded benefits offering. With medical costs taking a larger and larger chunk out of employee paychecks and family budgets, voluntary supplemental benefit plans can be a very strategic addition to your benefits menu.

Supplemental Benefits Are In Demand

You may be wondering what a competitive benefits package is. That ultimately depends on what your current and potential employees value. However, one thing will always be correct- employees are continually looking for more benefits. The chances are high that supplemental benefits can enhance their health and pocketbooks simultaneously. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), one-third of businesses are expanding their overall benefits options to continue being competitive in the marketplace. The reason behind all of this really falls on the fact that healthcare benefits are so significant to most employees these days.

Voluntary Benefits Sales Are On The Rise

Employees and employers alike are getting the message that supplemental benefits coverage can quickly make a significant impact on one’s life. Accident, critical illness, and other supplemental benefits can provide additional financial support that can help your employees and their families in their time of need.

Benefits Can Pay For Non-Medical Expenses

When employees are drained by medical bills, other bills may suffer as a result. Think about debts like a mortgage, utilities, education loans, and even groceries. That is why some employees can really benefit from having a disability plan in place. These voluntary policies can replace a policyholder’s income if they happen to be unable to work due to an accident or illness.

Bottom Line

Offering these voluntary supplemental benefits is a way that you can lend some appeal to prospective talent without adding cost pressure to your overall benefits budget.

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