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The HR Manager’s Checklist for Onboarding New Hires

mwe partnership Checklist for Onboarding New Hires

The following checklist for onboarding new hires includes items and actions to complete for successful onboarding in your company.

Onboarding new hires are more than completing paperwork or attending a work orientation. It’s a strategic approach that requires a collaborative effort between Human Resources and other departments to welcome new and transitioning employees. Moreover, onboarding is a way to meet organizational goals effectively. The following checklist for onboarding new hires includes items and actions to complete for successful onboarding in your company.

The Pre-Boarding Process

This phase takes place before the actual onboarding process. During the pre-boarding process, you are preparing for the new employee’s first day and week to be smooth. In addition, your checklist for onboarding new hires in this pre-boarding process also includes:

  • Letting the company’s staff know about the new employee.
  • Setting up user accounts and ensuring they have access to all the resources they need to start working.
  • Arrange their workstation (remote or on-site) to determine if they have the necessary work equipment.

Orientation Time!

Orientation typically occurs on the first day or first week. It assists new employees in feeling comfortable in their working environment and teaches them about your workplace culture. During orientation, your checklist for onboarding new hires should include:

·  Provide a physical tour of the workplace if the person will be working on-site.

·  Complete new hire paperwork such as direct deposit, tax, and employee handbook forms.

·  Discuss company policies regarding lunch breaks, working hours, and requests for PTO and time off.

Relationship and Expectations with Other Employees

This part is essential to add to your checklist for onboarding new hires. It’s about building positive workplace relationships. Plus, this stage primarily focuses on connecting a new hire and their manager via a one-on-one meeting. Depending on the workplace, each new hire will complete a “working styles” exercise. This is a way for the manager and new hire to discuss their individual working styles. Both persons should also discuss potential problems and solutions to avoid future frustration.

Additionally, it’s crucial to have other departments join the onboarding process. Every staff member should know when the new employee will arrive. So, this can help the new hire connect names with faces. They’ll know who to talk to if an unexpected situation occurs.

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