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Tips for Communicating with Employees About Open Enrollment

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Although open enrollment might be the time to share benefits, effective communication is continuous.

As employers experience challenges in retaining and attracting quality talent, they must seek strategies to communicate their benefits offerings. Also, employees expect companies to offer benefits that meet their particular needs. Although open enrollment might be the time to share benefits, effective communication is continuous. As a result, businesses can ensure that employees are aware of the resources and support available to them. Additionally, constant communication can help build trust and develop a positive overall benefits experience.

Learn How Benefits are Being Used

When it comes to open enrollment, a quick data review is an excellent way to identify improvement areas or opportunities. This can let you know what employees understand, what they value, and what may be overlooked. For example, what and how are the benefits being used? How can employees access the messages and resources? Are there gaps in awareness and understanding from your employees? These questions can assist you in understanding where you have opportunities as you identify your communication strategy.

Introduce New Benefits or Re-inform on Underutilized Benefits

Open enrollment has become the introduction to all benefits. However, it’s only necessary for health benefits and insurance coverage. In addition, you have numerous opportunities to spread communications throughout the year. There are also several benefits that employees have the flexibility to add or change at any time. Remember to provide these benefits love during the year and emphasize their value to employees. For instance, they include commuter benefits, lifestyle accounts, resource programs, or workplace benefits and policies.

Stay on Track All Year Long with a Communications Calendar

The best way to stay on track all year long and set goals is through a communications calendar. Using SMART goals, you can develop specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound goals. Here are some possible ideas to start with:

  • Send one reminder per month.
  • Conduct a quarterly benefits education workshop for employees.
  • Invite benefits partners to educate employees (outside of open enrollment).
  • Attempt to start early open enrollment education a month earlier than in the past.
  • Try one or several new communication methods with employees.

Effective Communication is a Continuous Process

Despite the benefits, effective communication is an ongoing thing. Additionally, you can ensure that your employees understand their benefit options when you maintain open lines of communication. You can expect a smoother open enrollment process for everyone in the company using these four strategies.

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