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Voluntary Benefit Trends For 2018

Access to low-cost financial assistance and financial planning services is something that is likely to see a huge shift in the new year.

Are you ready to get a head-start on providing your employees with incredible benefits? While 2017 was exciting, 2018 is sure to be memorable when it comes to employee benefits. What better time to start planning for your employees than the beginning of the year? Here are some critical options to keep in mind.

Financial Wellness

Financial benefits have been popular lately. 2017 saw a huge surge in companies incorporating more supplemental benefits into their voluntary plans, and the idea of financial wellness is something that everyone can relate to! With employees looking to save money in any way that they can, having the ability to utilize certain voluntary benefits can be a huge help. Access to low-cost financial assistance and financial planning services is something that is likely to see a huge shift in the new year.

More Benefits For The Consumer

Everyone is a consumer. We all buy things regularly. Benefits that help manage identity theft are likely to see a huge uptick this year. WIth only half of all large and small employers offering these type of benefits, employees are now searching for companies that will give them more financial freedom. In addition, pet insurance is likely to see a rise, as so many employees are looking to adopt a dog or cat in 2018.

Increased Reliance On Technology

Technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that our reliance on technology will infiltrate the ways we do business when it comes to our benefits. Modern technology, such as messaging and cloud sharing, has already changed the way in which employers provide and communicate with their employees! In 2018, integration of voluntary benefits with technology is likely to see a huge surge in popularity.

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